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Virtual Office Hours

Office Hours are one-on-one free consultancy sessions with experts from our community to our community. Explore our calendar and book your first appointment!
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Working from a coworking space you can easily get in touch with professionals from diverse backgrounds from all over the world. The betahaus community is full of innovation-seeking experts, who are willing to share their knowledge and help others on their own professional journey.

By booking an Office Hour, you’ll get a free online one-on-one consultancy session where you can learn everything from the German legal system to pitch training, relocation resources and even tools to prevent back pain from sitting at your desk.

The Office Hours sessions are absolutely free but do be sure to book in advance. betahaus members receive priority on booking requests, and non-members can join if there are available slots. There is no limitation on the number of different sessions you can book per month, so grab your notebook and explore which office hours are available this month!

Check out our current Office Hours. Click on the following to read their descriptions.

  1. Is Your Startup Ready for Journalists? with Olivia Czetwertynski
  2. Do the Right Thing! Law Office Hour with KUHLEN
  3. Expat Coaching with Tia Robinson
  4. Taking Care of Your Mood Swings! with Stefano Carpani
  5. Personal Data & Privacy (GDPR compliance) with Dr. Mira Suleimenova
  6. Systemic Coaching: Find new perspectives, answers, solutions, ideas with Melanie and Roland
  7. Relax your Back with Johanna Miller
  8. Be sustainable with your finances with Mirko Liam Lange
  9. ChallengeJP Data Clinic with Jacek M. Polewski
  10. Career Coaching with Fareen Shaikh
  11. How to launch & scale with remote developers with Victor Purolnik
  12. IT Security with Fabian Bräunlein & Lukas Euler
  13. Expat Emergency Service with Ina Bozhilova

Are you an expert in your field and interested to join our Office Hours program? Send an email to robbin@betahaus.de.

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