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Christoph Fahle

Co-Founder & CEO betahaus

Maximilian von der Ahé

Co-Founder betahaus & CEO betahausX

Madeleine Gummer v. Mohl

Co-Founder & CEO betahaus

Accounting & Finance

Linda Gießmann

Accounting & Backoffice Manager

Monika Mozurevičiūtė

HR & Backoffice Manager

Markus Erbe


Marketing & Communications

Zoya Misha

Team Lead Marketing

Taylor Record

Content Strategist

Maria la Portuguesa

Graphic Designer

Melissa Sant'anna

Social Media Manager

Coworking & Community

Gillord Pisas

Location Manager

Richard Groß

Community Manager

Josefine Enke

Front Desk Manager

Hannah Lauer

Front Desk Manager

Constantin Dütemeyer


Events & Gastronomy

Theresa Fieseler

Event Sales Manager

Startups & Innovation (betahausX)

Maximilian von der Ahé

CEO betahausX

Katka Nagyová

CPO betahausX

Olivia Czetwertynski

Key Account Manager

Idil Serifoglu

Creative Project Manager

Mateusz Matuszewski

Creative Project Manager

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