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Rooftop Terrace with City View
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Coworking in Kreuzberg

betahaus | Kreuzberg is our HQ, and in some ways, the heart and soul of betahaus. Become part of a community of 500+ entrepreneurs, startups, creators, makers, freelancers, early-stage tech founders, corporates, non-profits, service providers, small businesses, and remote teams of all kinds.

Rudi-Dutschke-Str 23,
Berlin 10969
U-Bahn: Kochstraße / Checkpoint Charlie
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Standard access
Mo-Fri: 9:00 - 20:00

Fun fact: Located in the Friede sei mit Dir building


Reasons why people ❤ us

betahaus provided me with a transformative year of growth for both myself and Femna Health. The dynamic and collaborative environment, diverse community, and range of events and programs helped me to build a supportive network of mentors and investors. I highly recommend betahaus to any founder looking for a unique and unparalleled space to grow their business.
maxie matthiessen from femna

Maxie Matthiessen


I can write books of what I have to say about this place, the amazing coworkers that have become legends and the lovely betahaus staff that is just giving and caring their hearts out for us. Thank you for introducing me to how coworking should be back in 2009. Still loving it. Always will.
jorn hendrik ast from new work heroes

Jörn Hendrik Ast


The best location for all creative people, freelancers & entrepreneurs in Berlin! (...)
I’m not only fully productive here again, but also in a valuable network of like-minded people and startups. That opens up completely different perspectives for me, inspires me and is also reflected in my entrepreneurial success.

Kai K.


We held our customer day in betahaus. The place captivates you with its charm and cordiality. Not only did I feel that as the organizer, but also all the guests. Everything was right and we will definitely be back. (Price-performance is unbeatable.)

Magdalena S.


We rented out an event space at betahaus and I need to say we really loved it. Everything – from the first touch point via email (they responded within few hours to our request) to the communication and hospitality of the event managers and reception! (...)
The spaciousness, the light and that easy-going yet working vibe helped to make our team's strategic session a big success!

Mariya V.


Great hosts, awesome learning community... Super friendly and comfortable place to work! The best part was a Thursday breakfast, where you can share your projects, ideas with the community, and meet great people inside.

Kemal C.


Honestly the best (i tried 3 others) but this place wins hands down especially on price-value. Great food also, albeit limited menu but it changes everyday for lunch. Will keep coming back whenever I'm in Berlin.

Anjana A.


We held our customer day in betahaus. The place captivates you with its charm and cordiality. Not only did I feel that as the organizer, but also all the guests. Everything was right and we will definitely be back. (Price-performance is unbeatable.)

Magdalena S.


Our haus is your haus. We've created workspaces that inspire ideas and foster collaboration.

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Work from anywhere with just one membership

Free global roaming access at the One Coworking partner spaces - usable once a month. You’ll get all the benefits of our community with the flexibility to work from anywhere. Reach out to our Front Desk for more information on how to claim this benefit. Sweeeet!

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Not finding the answer to your question? Feel free to reach out! Someone from our team will get in touch.

Can I bring over clients or guests?

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Certainly! We just ask that for longer meetings or big groups, you book one of the meeting rooms. For an informal chat over coffee, the betahaus café on our ground floor is probably the best place. If you do start a collaboration with someone spending whole days here on a regular basis, they’ll need to get a membership.

Can I make phone calls at betahaus?

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We have Skype Couches, phone booths, and call boxes throughout the space. For phone calls that are important or private, we advise you to book a meeting room.

Can I receive my mail at betahaus?

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We offer Pro Members mail service. That means you can use betahaus as your official company address and pick up your mail at our Front Desk.

Can I bring pets? Do other people bring theirs?

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For short visits, sure! And if you want to bring your dog on a daily basis, the answer is yes, upon request. Please make sure to check with our Front Desk team to ensure there is space in the house for another dog. We also ask that they are friendly, quiet, and on a leash at all times. Any pets that are disruptive to productivity may be asked to stay home.

Can I get a Day Pass?

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Yes! Day Passes cost 24€ and you can pay at the Front Desk or online.

Can I get a tour?

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Of course! You can send an email to frontdesk.kb@betahaus.de to plan in a tour of the haus - or come by on a Thursday morning to attend our betabreakfast event and get a tour afterwards.