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1st Tuesday of the month, 10:00 - 12:00


betahaus Kreuzberg, Innospace


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Diversity-Lab, MrDeepDemocracy & betahaus

Founder Fight Club

Diversity-Lab in cooperation with MrDeepDemocracy offers a free monthly founder fight club workshop

These sessions can be used to address founder conflict, any emotionally challenging topic or to discuss complex issues where a decision seems impossible or hard truths might have to be faced. The sessions will be facilitated by Marcel Rasche.

About Marcel:

Marcel is the Diversity-Lab teacher for Deep Democracy, the conflict resolution method born out of post apartheid south africa. It was born out of the necessity to have challenging conflict conversations at work. This method is established in many countries all over the world and incorporates eight methods on dealing with conflict in groups or 1 on 1 scenarios. Marcel is one of the first ever German facilitators in the method as it is brand new in Germany.


  1. Conflict-Resilience / According to Harvard 68% of all startups fail because of unresolvable founder disagreement. These sessions would allow founders at betahaus to either address existing conflict or to develop conflict resilience skills.
  2. Psychological Safety / Learning to address conflict as a group creates strong psychological safety. Learning to face and say hard things creates immense trust within a group and enhances cooperation.

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