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How to Secure your Business and Apps

betahaus | Expert Sessions are one-on-one or team-based free consultancy sessions with experts from our community to our community.

With hacking attacks on the rise, the protection of user data and business continuity is becoming evermore important. However, in the chaotic world of startups, there is often too little time to spend on security - and too much of it can become a competitive disadvantage. Furthermore, the security efforts that do exist are often misguided, overprotecting against the latest headline vulnerability while missing the weakest link.

Lukas and Fabian work to provide companies with a holistic view of their security posture and identify ways to efficiently improve it. With deep experience both in breaking into computer systems and defending them, they can help you uncover your blind spots and provide ongoing consultation to ensure you're implementing the right security measures at the right time.

In the expert session, you are welcome to bring any security related questions or topics with you (e.g. "How do I best manage secrets?" or "Is my AWS configuration secure?"). Alternatively, an interview style conversation regarding your organization, product or workflow can be held to help you to identify areas for improvement.

About the Experts

Positive Security is a Berlin-based IT security consultancy and research collective run by Fabian Bräunlein and Lukas Euler.

Fabian Bräunlein studied IT Systems Engineering at Hasso Plattner Insitute, afterwards joining SRLabs to contribute to IT security consulting projects, research and product development. Serving both startups and Fortune500 companies, Fabian has led projects ranging from penetration testing and red teaming to creating and implementing complete security roadmaps. His research includes hacks on payment terminals, travel booking systems and smart speakers, and were presented at top-tier security conferences and covered by international news. In the realm of product, Fabian was able to develop his side project, a vulnerability scanner, into SRLabs' first commercial SaaS product while building and leading a team of engineers to eventually take over.

Lukas Euler studied Computer Science at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. In his later Security Engineering roles with Scout24 and Episerver, Lukas focused on securing every stage of the software development lifecycle; his specialties including conducting thorough white-box reviews of complex applications, as well as, designing and implementing secure and efficient software architecture. While being especially well-versed in web and cloud, Lukas has also worked on security research targeting more niche technologies like telecommunication protocols. In addition to that, he has conducted red teaming exercises and a variety of other consulting projects during his time at SRLabs.

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