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Johanna Miller & betahaus

Relax your Back

betahaus | Expert Sessions are one-on-one or team-based free consultancy sessions with experts from our community to our community.

Your shoulders are stiff and your back is aching. You have no idea how to find a sitting position that is less tiring.

Sound familiar? But here's the good news: in this Experts in beta session Johanna shows you how you can move freely through your day again. How you can handle stress so it doesn't get stuck in your back. And how you use your new tools to prevent pain in the long run.

Johanna offers a somatic coaching based on the Alexander-Technique. It can support you in easing painful areas and adopt a healthier posture. This can help you to relieve pain permanently, no matter whether it’s in your back, your shoulders or your hips. As a result, you'll be able to move more freely and easily and be more relaxed during your (working) day.

Johanna's coaching is based on her highly precise perception of your movement habits and the tension in your body. This happens manually and/or visually.

Currently it is up to you if you prefer to have your session online or in Johannas studio in Graefekiez (Praxis Hofer, Böckhstr. 41, 10967 Berlin). An online session allows Johanna to coach you directly in your homeoffice environment. A session in her studio allows Johanna to also guide your body by touch.

Either way Johanna gives you verbal instructions and practical demonstrations on how you can sit, stand and move with less effort. You will receive guidance on how to constructively control your thoughts. For if you change your thoughts, you will change your movements. This is how somatic coaching supports you to find your own way to move with ease. Johanna gives you valuable advice on how to integrate the new ideas into your everyday life and into your working routines.

Have a look at this video to find out how movement coaching works online.

About Johanna Miller

Johanna is a movement lover and she has her own history with back pain. While she was still working as a civil engineer she had several slipped discs due to her sitting posture, as well as stress.

That’s when she discovered the Alexander Technique. It helped her to overcome the pain and be even more flexible and active than before.

She was enthused and decided to go on the 3 year training course to become a teacher for the Alexander Technique and start her on coaching business. Johanna’s aim is to show her clients how to better care for themselves during their everyday routines to loosen tension and prevent injuries. Her coaching will guide you to find your individual way to move with ease and be more relaxed.

Find out more about Johanna on her website

Important Information:

  • To secure your slot please register in advance by booking your slot here: https://www.johannamiller.de/betahaus
  • Johanna offers sessions every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. Please find the available times on her website
  • All online session take place via Zoom, you will receive the meeting ID from Johanna a day prior to the Experts in beta session.
  • Please wear comfortable clothes in which you feel free to move and be prepared to take your shoes off. Besides that, you will stay dressed.
  • Only one session per person, so that everyone has the possibility to receive coaching. If you would like to continue working with Johanna, it will be on an individual agreement.
  • If you need to cancel, please have the courtesy to email Johanna: mail@johannamiller.de 24 hours before the session.
  • In case you would like to book a session and you can’t find a free slot, please email Johanna with your preferred time and she will put you on her waiting list. In case somebody cancels their booking Johanna will send you a notification and offer you the time slot.

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