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Career Coaching & HR Consulting

betahaus | Expert Sessions are one-on-one or team-based free consultancy sessions with experts from our community to our community.

Career Coaching offers for individuals:

Throughout her career, Fareen has been approached by several great candidates who applied for opportunities but never heard back. Her team often overlooked these candidates because their resume wasn't tailored to match the job descriptions. Or their LinkedIn profile didn’t provide an engaging overview of their careers. Fareen has also seen candidates with great profiles who fall short on their interviewing skills. If this describes you, and you want to avoid these mistakes, you aren't alone!

Fareen is offering a coaching related free discovery session to individuals on:

  • Support you on your resume, LinkedIn profile and interviewing skills
  • Help you understand your areas of strength
  • Design an improvement plan so you can move forward confidently in your job search.

HR Consulting offers for companies:

Fareen also has experience working as an HR Professional for more than 12 years where she had the opportunity to lead and build high performing teams. As an HR Business Partner, she had the experience of working with senior management in aligning business objectives with employees that fosters a culture that helps them bring their best self to work every day.

Fareen is offering a free discovery session to companies to discover team related workshop topics like:

  • Business Communication Skills for Employees
  • Time Management Skills for Employees
  • Self-Motivation Skills for Employees
  • How to be a Leader and Participate in Meetings
  • How to effectively communicate in a remote team
  • And/or other HR related topics like Recruitment, People Operations and Remote work.

About Event Holder

Fareen Shaikh has a passion for people combined with an understanding of HR best practices, she wears different hats as a career coach and HR Consultant.
The career exploration and development of professionals inspires her. She is driven by her desire to help others discover, and ultimately do what they love. She worked with international organisations to develop their hiring processes, design job descriptions, review resumes of applicants and screen them for their culture/values.

As a Career Coach with experience working with co-located and remote workers, She understands that job hunting can be overwhelming and she can help you change that. She works with you one on one to address your career needs & inspire you to move forward in your career.

As a HR consultant, she believes that a strong and well-developed company culture is a key pillar of success for any successful company. She has a comprehensive broad industry experience in various areas of HR, from recruitment, talent management, employee relations, employer branding and people operations.

Important Information:

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