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Taylor Record
November 25, 2020

Virtual Expert Sessions at betahaus

betahaus | Expert Sessions are one-on-one or team based consultancy sessions with experts from our community to our community. We've asked our in-house experts to share their knowledge on everything from German tax code to support with your digital marketing strategy, and they're absolutely free for betahaus members. Explore which Expert Sessions are available this month!

1. Do The Right Thing! Law Expert Session

If you need support in choosing the matching legal form and setting up your business, drafting and review of your contracts and T&Cs, protection of your ideas and brands, hiring & firing or any other legal challenges from the areas corporate and general cilvil law you may encounter as a company, Susanna and Doro will help you to develop a perfect strategy for your situation.

Event holder: Susanna and Doro are lawyers at KUHLEN, a boutique law firm with a strong focus on StartUps, Entrepreneurs, creative and digital people and businesses. Every Wednesday they will answer all your questions regarding corporate and contractual law, data protection, IP-law, labour law, rental and real estate law and all related topics.

When: Every Wednesday by appointment. (Find more info here)


2. Relax Your Back

Your shoulders are stiff and your back is aching. You have no idea how to find a sitting position that is less tiring. Sounds familiar? Here are the good news: In this Experts in beta session Johanna shows you how you can move freely through your day again. How you can handle stress so it doesn't get stuck in your back. And how you use your new tools to prevent pain in the long run.

Event Holder: Johanna offers a holistic movement coaching based on the Alexander-Technique. It can support you in easing painful areas and adopt to a healthier posture. This can help you to relieve pain permanently, no matter if it’s in your back, your shoulders or your hip. As a result, you can move more freely and easily and be more relaxed during your (working) day.

When: Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the Month, 9:45 - 16:15 (Find more info here)

Registration: https://johannamiller.de/betahaus/

3. Be sustainable with your finances

Providing for the future is not an easy, yet a mandatory task. Especially in today´s world where the desire to invest not only for one´s own sake but also for the good of everyone involved is greater than ever. In this OH Mirko will listen to your challenges and plans to develop a sustainable financial strategy that suits your individual situation.

Event Holder: Mirko Liam Lange is an independent financial consultant who helps you achieve your financial goals and wishes with the necessary security and precaution.

When: Every 2nd Thursday of the Month, 10:00 - 12:00 (Find more info here)

Registration: Calendly

4. ChallengeJP Data Clinic

This session is directed at anyone looking for practical solutions to their Excel, Google Sheets and data related issues.

Event Holder: With over 10 years of experience working in financial and data analysis, Jacek is now more than happy to be sharing his practical knowledge either via tailored one-to-one training or consulting.

When: Every Monday, 09:00 - 11:00 (Find more info here)

Registration: Online booking

5. Career Coaching

Fareen is offering a free discovery session to: Ssupport you on your resume, LinkedIn profile and interviewing skills, help you understand your areas of strength & design an improvement plan so you can move forward confidently in your job search.

Event Holder: Fareen Shaikh has a passion for people combined with an understanding of HR best practices, she wears different hats as a career coach and talent hunter by matching remote talent with opportunities for a remote work platform .

When: Everyday of the week (Find more info here)

Registration: Calendly

6. Systemic Coaching: Find new perspectives, answers, solutions, ideas!

You have so much work that you even don’t know where to start? You want to bring something into a sharper focus? You’re having a hard time making a decision? Working with a systemic coach can help you reflect the (social) systems you are working and living in and your own positioning within these systems. No matter if it’s concerning your business partners, clients, colleagues, family or friends: Your coach won’t tell you what to do but rather support you with finding new perspectives, making decisions, solving problems, answering questions and tapping your full potential.

Event holder: Melanie and Roland are certified Systemic Coaches (artop – Institute at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin) and Associate Coaches (DBVC) of Germany’s leading Association of Executive Coaching. They are working as Coaches since 2016. Melanie has long-term management experience in Public Relations, Corporate Communications, Public Affairs and Journalism. Roland will share his long-term and profound experience as HR-Director and Head of People‘s Development (more information

When: Bi-Weekly on Thursday, 11-13h (Find more info here)

Registrationcoaching@breunlein.de or info@frey-coaching.berlin

7. Personal Data & Privacy (GDPR compliance)

Many startups, struggle with setting up an effective system to comply with GDPR. Looking closely at what data is collected by the company, on what basis, for what purpose and how it is processed is a central piece of this puzzle. In these coaching sessions, we will look at the data lifecycle adopted by your company. Relying on a specific framework, we will define several actionable steps to be undertaken in order to make your company more GDPR compliant.

Event holder: Dr. Mira Suleimenova is a digital law expert, specialising in the legal aspects of new technologies. With a background in international investment law and corporate leadership, she has a unique perspective on technical and social innovation.

When: Every last Tuesday of the month, 10:00 - 11:00 (Find more info here)


8. How to launch & scale with remote developers

Victor is offering a free session to support you in the process of strategizing remote software development so you understand how and where to hire remote developers, plan and distribute work, and manage a scaling software product.

Event Holder: Founder & CEO, Trustshoring — Victor Purolnik is a technical founder specialized in remote software development. He’s bringing together founders and developers, coaching and consulting on lean software development, the author of the Complete Outsourcing Playbook, and the organizer of numerous events in the startup and outsourcing space.

When: Every Tuesday, 15:00h (Find more info here)

Registration: Calendly

9. How to secure your business and apps

With hacking attacks on the rise, the protection of user data and business continuity is becoming evermore important. However, in the chaotic world of startups, there is often too little time to spend on security - and too much of it can become a competitive disadvantage. Futhermore, the security efforts that do exist are often misguided, overprotecting against the latest headline vulnerability while missing the weakest link.

Event Holder: Positive Security is a Berlin-based IT security consultancy and research collective run by Fabian Bräunlein and Lukas Euler.

When: Every 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the Month, 14.00 - 16.00 (Find more info here)

Registration: Calendly

10. Taking Care of Your Mood Swings!

Are you working on a project, but feel confused about which is the next step you should make? Are you about to start a new journey? Is your current project/job transforming into a nightmare? If you feel blue and your motivation is weaker than before, then this Expert Session is for you!

Event holder: In his work as a counsel, Stefano Carpani support individuals in their self-development process. Stefano Carpani is a Psychoanalyst-in-Training (diploma candidate) at the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich, a Ph.D. Researcher at the Centre for Psychoanalytical Studies at the University of Essex as well as the initiator of the School of Dreams

When: Bi-Weekly on Wednesdays, 14-16h (Find more info here)


11. Expat Coaching

Need to find a new flat ASAP?  Got a work permit application coming up?  Confused about how to start freelancing?  Not finding enough work?  Got a weird letter in the mail that says you owe money?  Trying to put your kids in school? Expath can help! Join our Expert Session for one-on-one or team based coaching on your life in Berlin as an expat.  Bring us your questions and issues, forms, documents, etc. and we’ll help you find solutions, outline an action plan, write an email or make a phone call in German, fill out your forms, etc

Event Holder: Tia Robinson is the co-founder of Expath, a German language school that also helps expats deal with life in Berlin.  She currently runs Expath’s workshops ‘Getting started in Berlin,’ ‘Finding a job in Berlin,’ ‘Finding a flat in Berlin’ and ‘How to become a freelancer in Berlin.’

When: 4th Wednesday of the Month, 12-14h (Find more info here)

Registration: coaching@expath.de

*Check out our event calendar for more events coming up!