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betahaus & Derek Footer

Why is your startup not closing investors?

Investors lack transparency, leaving startups without feedback. With 25 years of experience, Derek offers pitch evaluations and advice for better investor engagement.

About the expert session:

Investors, particularly VCs, are terrible about letting you know what they are thinking. Even when they eventually invest, they often take their time, waiting on other investors to commit before committing themselves. And they are not going to invest, they pretty much ghost you.

What you don’t get is clarity about what they like and don’t like. So you cannot adjust and improve your chances with new investors. What startups need is an inside perspective on the clear dos and don’ts when pitching investors.

As both a startup founder and venture investor, with 25 years experience in the industry, Derek can point out in your pitch where you might be turning-off investors and what are the things you should be emphasizing more. What you present is key and how – the manner, tempo and tone – are crucial to success.

Whether you are an early-stage company, looking for pre-seed or seed funding, have not raised private funding before, or have some experience raising capital but are interested in American perspective for your next round, Derek would be happy to spend up to an hour with you evaluating and advising.

Though he is based in San Diego, California, in person sessions are available when he travels to Berlin – currently June 2nd-5th, and July 8th-12th. He can also do Zoom sessions on Wednesdays from San Diego.

About Derek Footer:

Derek founded his first company – a Yahoo clone for Latin America – while he was in law school in the mid-1990s. After selling it, he went corporate, building Internet services for an American satellite TV company and content for an interactive TV service. He then founded an Internet broadcasting service for European football in North America, with full Bundesliga, Eredivisie, Ligue 1 rosters, 12 English Premier League teams including Liverpool and Arsenal, and Champions League and UEFA Cup matches.

After selling that company, he went on to be a venture capitalist, founding funds in Latin America and San Diego, California. His current project, ExtraVallis, invests in pre-seed and seed level startups in Eastern and Central Europe, Scandinavia, the US and Southeast Asia. Their industries and verticals include AI/ML, Fintech/Regtech/Compliance, Logistics and Agtech.

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