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Clear your Mind with Klafreit

betahaus | Expert Sessions are one-on-one or team-based free consultancy sessions with experts from our community to our community.

What to expect from the session

In the 45 minutes one-on-one expert session with Anna, Soul & Mindset-Coach and founder of KLAFREIT, you will get the chance to pause and reset to zero. Sessions with Anna are like mini-vacations to check in with your soul!

Clarity gives us agency and ownership and it is a quality most modern age entrepreneurs value on both the business and personal level. We need clarity to be at peace and feel safe. Similarly, we need to feel safe in order to let ourselves be creative in the sense of creating something new, including a new personality, as in a personal reality. 

When we want to create, change or heal anything, including ourselves, we need to start from scratch, from a “blank page” point of view. Otherwise, we will just cause more of the same and stay stuck in old (self-destructive) patterns. It is Anna’s passion to guide people towards letting go of self-sabotage and reach that sweet spot of emptiness.

One of the most powerful tool Anna uses in these expert sessions are questions. They have the power to crack open any programmed behavior that doesn’t serve us anymore. Here are some examples for you to tune in:

- What thoughts do you think every day? What emotion do you feel every day?
- What does this state of mind prevent you from doing? How do you benefit from this state of mind?
- What do you know that you wish you didn’t know? 

When trivial decision-making feels agonizing and everything just seems overwhelming, becoming still and taking a break can get challenging. That is because when we are stressed our body-mind system operates on alert mode narrowing our perspective. This “scarcity mode” creates emotions of lack like fear, anxiety, stress, anger, self-centeredness etc. that reinforce the limited state of mind. In short: We find ourselves in a loop of self-fulfilling limitedness.

To break the chains of this inner self-imprisonment, we need to empty ourselves. That is Anna’s purpose behind the “clear-your-mind” coaching sessions.

About Anna

Anna is a trained Change Facilitator specialized in the Theory-U Change Management framework. This framework acknowledges the fact that any change process needs to start at zero, a point of still, non-judgmental potential. Before becoming a life-coach in 2018, Anna worked as a project manager for various organisations and NGOs, including the UN in New York, in the field of international educational development cooperation. She founded KLAFREIT following the deep insight that real change can only happen from within. You can read more about Anna and her multifaceted background on KLAFREIT’s website.

Important information:

  • To secure your slot please contact Anna directly at anna@klafreit.com
  • Only one session per person. Want to keep working with Anna? You can book her as your actual coach.
  • If you'd like to cancel, please email anna@klafreit.com 24 hours in advance.

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