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July 21, 2023

Need a new office space in Berlin? Here’s why you should choose betahaus.

Looking for reasons to get a private office for your team in a coworking space? Let us just say – there are so​​ 👏 many 👏

Office Space. Workspace. Private Office. Startup Office. Whatever keyword got you here, you probably already know what a private office can do for your collaboration as a team. But getting a private office in a coworking space takes the benefits a step further. You’ll get the flexibility and community network of a shared workspace, with the added privacy and control of your own dedicated and customized team room. Expect increased productivity for your team, access to shared amenities, global networking opportunities, daily community events, and the most important: lots of saved money so you can use your budget on growing your business. 

But there are lots of coworking spaces. Wondering why choose betahaus for your office space in Berlin?

Let's dive into what makes betahaus private offices the go-to choice for tech-driven professionals, startups, entrepreneurs, and teams of any size who are looking for a hassle-free and super dynamic office space in Berlin:

We’ve been doing this since 2009

We know everyone says this, but we actually mean it – just ask any of our members. 

betahaus is more than just a coworking space; we're a vibrant community and startup hub that actually uplifts, inspires and empowers each other. Our startup offices are designed to spark collaboration, networking, and collective creativity within our coworking universe. Brush shoulders with like-minded professionals at our exclusive networking events, or just have a beer with them at betabooze. Take part in our weekly startup events like workshops, seminars and expert sessions where knowledge is shared like the juiciest gossip. Unwind and relax at our impromptu mediation. Discover the next unicorn, pitch your startup, find your next business partner (or even someone to date) over a croissant at betabreakfast. Berlin’s startup community lies at your fingertips.

Together, we'll make magic happen!

Oh, and of course our community managers are at your service, providing personalized guidance and connecting you with members & mentors to collaborate with.

Flexibility is Our Middle Name

At betahaus, we're all about that flexibility. Our office spaces in Berlin are designed to adapt to your changing needs. No matter whether you're a big team, a tight-knit startup or a remote team that just needs a space a few days per month, we've got customizable options and flexible contract terms that fit what you need.

And since we know budget is a factor, we price our private offices at an affordable rate. You’ll get a top-notch workspace without sacrificing your last funding round.

Alright – I want a quote

Location, Location, Location

We’re located in the sweet spot between Kreuzberg and Mitte in the historic TAZ building. Our space is accessible by the U6, just 1 minute away from the U-Bahn station Kochstraße, or the M29. 

That means easy access for your team wherever they live and an attractive location for your out-of-town guests, too.

Oh, and we have an amazing rooftop garden with a view over the city (and yes, we do parties there).

Leave the Hassle Behind

When it comes to getting things done, we've got you covered. Our office spaces are fully-equipped with all the modern amenities your startup needs to conquer the market. Fast and reliable WiFi? Check. Comfy and ergonomic furniture? Check. Need a meeting room of phone booth for those brainstorming sessions and calls? We've got those too! 

We take care of the logistics, so you can focus on making waves in your industry.

We’ll even take care of all your post & parcels so you don’t have to worry about those Amazon boxes piling up in your hallway.

Make It Yours, Seriously

Your Berlin startup office is your space. We provide you the fundamental furniture set-up with desks, ergonomic office chairs, office-supplies, shelves, plants and power strips, but we give you the freedom to customise your space add your personal touch!

Want to hang a huge inflated elephant balloon, your great grandma’s antique spoon collection or a lifesize cardboard cutout of Enrique Iglesias? Whatever makes your team feel at home! (Just make sure there’s no fire hazard).

Working with friends

We know that working with your friends is always more fun, which is proven to increase productivity – win-win!

And we want to reward you for bringing them into our community. That’s why we have a special Founder Friends programme where both you and the team you refer get 15% off next month’s rent! Plus, you get to share all the benefits of our premium private office spaces with your pals.

Become part of betahaus

Ready to take your team to the next level? Check out our private offices - drop us a message or inquire for a free tour.

At our 'haus in Kreuzberg, you might just find the office space in Berlin you've been looking for.

Join the betahaus community and let’s work together!