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betahaus Kreuzberg, Rudi Dutschke Straße 23, Innospace


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Find a job. Make a friend. Pitch your startup. Try something new. Meet an investor. Get introduced to a business partner (or even someone to date). A lot can happen over breakfast.

betabreakfast is our weekly breakfast tradition at betahaus | Kreuzberg connecting entrepreneurs, startups, creatives, and anyone interested in the Berlin startup scene. Sometimes it’s breakfast and sometimes it’s a pitch event. We’ve had tea tastings, panels, crypto meet ups, demos, and live performances from time to time, too. It’s the original breakfast event since +10 years connecting Berlin entrepreneurs, and the best way to break into the betahaus community.

We’ll bring the croissants. You make the connections.
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11 April - betabreakfast with betahaus Talk Show UNBOXING
Episode 02 Unboxing: The future of creative spaces and its communities.

What's next for Berlin's creative scenes? This discussion dives into the evolution of creative spaces and the communities they support. As Berlin stands at a crossroads, how will its artistic and innovative environments adapt and thrive?
Who is Martin Eyerer? From chart-topping hits to founding the renowned Riverside Studios Berlin and being the CEO of Factory Coworking space, Martin's journey is a testament to his pioneering spirit in music, business and technology.

During a fireside chat, we will dive into the heart of Berlin, at the forefront of innovation, culture, creative spaces and technology.

18 April - Femtech Panel: Breaking the taboos around women's healthcare
Get ready for another betahaus femtech panel with:

25 April


2 May - betabreakfast with betahaus Talk Show UNBOXING

The release of episode 3.

Want to pitch your startup or do you have something else you’d like to present at betabreakfast? Drop a line to julia@betahaus.de

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