The Café

Our favourite space in betahaus! Feel free to use the wifi, work, and meet people. We have a fresh & delicious lunch menu that changes weekly.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday : 8 AM - 10 PM

Saturday : 10 AM - 8 PM

Sunday : closed

Vegan Brunch €7.90

Avocado with lime marinade, peanut butter cream, dried tomato hummus, thyme marinated black olives, mint-cucumber salad, beetroot Pinzimonio in horseradish marinade. Pea curry with rice, grilled seitan and unleavened bread.

Power Brunch €8.90

Beetroot-boiled eggs, red fruit-balsamic jam, white sausage, Spätzle, liver cheese. Walnut butter, crème fraîche, whole-wheat bread, Gouda cheese, salad, beetroot carpaccio, scrambled eggs with bacon, and cinnamon-apple salad.

Classy Brunch €9.90

Omelette with parsley, marinated mozzarella, prosciutto Crudo di Parma, selection of cheeses, burned black olives, garlic bread, celery-carrot Pinzimonio, red onion jam, cherry tomato basil pasta salad with dried ricotta, and a honey-melon salad with tangerine and mint.

Our all-new brunch menu is fixed, our lunch menu changes weekly.

Regular Menu:

€5.70 - Caesar Salad

With Romaine lettuce, grilled chicken breast in rosemary/orange marinade, grissini, 'Pecorino romano' cheese & boiled eggs in yogurt with a wild thyme dressing.

€8.20 - Blueberry Risotto

Accompanied by a parmesan/saffron sauce & a Pecorino/salty Ricotta waffle. 9.70 - Stewed Veal

€9.70 - Stewed Veal

With rosemary on violet potatoes alongside a horseradish puree.

Don't forget!

Our brunch menu is fixed, our lunch menu changes weekly.

Vegan Menu:

€5.00 - Pea & Broccoli soup

With spiced croutons & smoked tofu.

€7.80 - Vegano Tagliatelle

With a pink pepper sauce in roasted basil & tomato.

€8.50 - Chili Sin Carne

With cheese tortillas & a vegan avocado soured cream dip.

Hosting your Event

You're welcome to rent the café for private events in weekends or evenings. Whether it is for a party, vernissage, or a meetup; we'll make sure the space suits the occasion.


149 sqm


160 / 60 ppl (standing/seated)

Event Formats

Presentation, Networking, Dinners, Parties, Meetups


On request


Stage, La Marzocco, Wifi, Sound, Projector

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