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First Season

Unboxing: The Future of Berlin

betahaus has been shaping the future of Berlin throughout the last 15 years.
We experienced firsthand how Berlin transformed from being the role model of an open, liberal, innovative, international, affordable city into similar or more expensive than other gentrified European capitals, raising the question:

Which vision does Berlin want to give itself in order to remain a livable and thriving city that attracts the most innovative and creative minds?

5 episodes, 5 topics, 5 guests

1. Real Estate, coworking and Creative Spaces with Martin Eyerer

Unboxing the challenging changes in Berlin's landscape.

2. Innovation and Startups with Bianca Praetorius

Unboxing the impact of the startup scene in the life of the city.

3. Cultural Lighthouse with Johnnie Stieler & Florian Opitz

Unboxing the growing conflicts between an open cultural scene and a trendy city.

4. Global Business Hub and investment with Lubomila Jordanova

Unboxing Berlin's role in the international business arena.

5. Livability and opportunities with Delphine Mousseau

Unboxing the factors that contribute to Berlin's livability, what makes Berlin, Berlin

Who's behind it?

Meet the team

Ain TheMachine

Renowned musician and producer, hailing from Brazil and based in Berlin. Always gets the best sound out of you!

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Iva Jankovic

Innovation rockstar for the last 10 years. Experienced Berlin's changes firsthand. Hosts like none other!

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Olivia Czetwertynski

Firestarter! Designing strategy and empowering people to achieve it. The brain power behind it all.

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Madeleine Gummer von Mohl

Almighty betahaus CEO, overviewing everything to the smallest detail! There's no project she ain't running.

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Max von der Ahé

Coolest CEO on the planet, head of betahausX. Amazing storyteller with a laid-back stance.

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betahaus Berlin

First coworking space in Germany.
Known for its authentic vibes and thriving community.

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