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Taylor Record
March 23, 2020

Our Community Events are Online! Here's how to join in.

We’ve always believed that people flourish in the company of others. In collaboration with one another. Amongst community. Now is no different.

Over the years, our community has grown to include thousands of people spread across the world. People who escape somewhere warmer every winter and come back in the spring. Who change jobs but stop by for happy hours. Teams who's little startups grew too big for our space but who stay in our alumni network. Members who have since returned to their home countries but stay in touch. Who moved half way across the world, but come back for a visit every few years. People who still feel very much a part of our beta family, even though we don't see them every day.

If we’ve learned anything through all these transitions, it’s that physical space is only a very small part of what makes this a community. Technology gives us more access to one another (in the absence of in-person interactions) than we’ve ever had before. In this moment, we are facing the unprecedented and urgent challenge of COVID-19. But our role at betahaus isn't all that different than it was before. We're here to create community and facilitate connections for people who would otherwise be on their own.

We recently announced that our in-person community events will be on hold until further notice. We're standing behind the idea that anyone who can stay home right now, should stay home, in a fight to flatten the curve.

But that doesn't mean we can't virtually hang! We're bringing the best parts of this community online so you can stay connected even while staying at home. From webinars to online dance parties, here are some of the betahaus events that are going virtual.


Hey, members!

As long as we're working from home, we'll be moving the conversation online to our Slack community. Our members and community managers are still posting job opportunities, asking each other questions, and sharing the most important memes on the internet. Join the conversation here!

Coming up soon...

Welcome to Coworking

New to the 'haus? Make the most of your membership by learning about how to get online, book meeting rooms, access our buildings, or just generally learn what betahaus is all about. Our community managers are here to introduce you to our tools, communication channels and to answer your questions.

betahaus | NK : Every other Wednesday, RSVP here

betahaus | KB : Every other Tuesday, RSVP here

Pop-Up DIY Face Mask Stand

Safe is sexy. If you need a cloth mask you can reuse, we're hosting a Pop-up DIY Face Mask Stand in basement.berlin. We'll provide everything you need from the sewing machine to the fabric to the instruction you need to complete your mask.

Event holder: betahaus | Berlin and basement.berlin

When: 11 June from 12pm - 6pm

Registration: By appointment only! Email Hannah to save your spot.

Join us every week for...

Virtual betaBreakfast

betaBreakfast is back! Join us for a cup of coffee to meet likeminded entrepreneurs, startups and creatives. Like always, we'll invite people within our community to pitch their startups, projects, and ideas, then the mic turns to you to ask the questions.

Event holder: betahaus | Berlin

When: Every Thursday @ 9:30am

Registration: RSVP here

Office Hours

betahaus | Office Hours are one-on-one consultancy sessions with experts from our community to our community. For the next few months, our in-house experts will be sharing their knowledge on everything from German tax code to crowdfunding via one-on-one online sessions.

Event holder: Varies

When: Daily

Registration: Explore the event calendar and contact the organizer directly to book an appointment

Tupperware Tuesday

Want to get to know your coworkers? Expand your network in the community? We host Tupperware Tuesday every Tuesday, but now we’re taking it online.

Let’s have lunch together, exchange ideas, and get to know each other. 

Event holder: betahaus | Berlin

When: Every Tuesday @ 1pm-2pm

Registration: RSVP here

Midweek Munch

Let's meet, mingle & munch together! You can get to know your coworkers at betahaus | Neukölln every Wednesday, and now we’re taking things online. Come together over lunch, to eat and talk about projects, ideas and inspiration.

Event holder: betahaus | Berlin

When: Every Wednesday @ 1pm-2pm

Registration: RSVP here


Yoga has the power to regenerate our mind, body and soul. In a stressful environment, what our workspace often turns into, it's crucial to take breaks and focus on our emotional state and thoughts. The beta flows will help you calm your mind, connect with coworkers and get a better clarity throughout your day.

Every Wednesday, gather online for a mid-day or evening community yoga session with our dear friend Cynthia from Arrivé Yoga.

Event holder: Arrive Yoga x betahaus | Berlin

When: Every Wednesday @ 2:30pm-3:30pm and 6pm-7pm

Registration: Join us on Zoom for a Mid-Day Flow or Evening Flow

You just missed these events...

Expath Webinar - Financial Help for Freelancers

Are you a self-employed person trying to navigate the economic impact of COVID-19? Join part 1 of a webinar series hosted by Expath, the experts in helping expats settle in Berlin.

Event holder: Expath 

When: March 25th @ 1pm-2pm

Remote Work Party with One Coworking

With many coworking spaces closed down for the time being, One Coworking thought this would be the perfect opportunity to host another WorkParty. Of course: 100% online and virtual - but still as badass as last summer! See what coworking is all about, get your work done and meet a bunch of professionals in Berlin (and beyond).

Event holder: One Coworking x betahaus | Berlin

When: March 26th @ 10am - 2pm

betabeer Online Dance Party

Still looking forward to meeting the lady you’re passing on the stairs every morning? betabeer is our monthly community event where you can meet members of our community over beer. 

As you might imagine, things will be a bit, um... different this month. We’re cranking up the tunes and inviting you to BYOB and get down with us (or just come for a hang) from the comfort of your own home. It is a chance for people from near and far to party with us like the good old days – we’d love to see you there. 

Event holder: betahaus | Berlin

When: March 26th @ 6pm - 8pm

Online Crocheting Basics

Learn to crochet your own meditation pillow from home! All you need is a smartphone, tablet or laptop to start the session. The materials will be shipped right to your house. Costs 55€ + 5€ shipping.

Event holder: Merlaid

When: March 30th @ 6pm - 9pm

Remote Collaboration Basics

We’ve come to a point where teams around the world must find a way to work remote. There is still a lot of talk about tools at the moment. But the real challenge lies in communication and agreements. Join a webinar hosted by Neon Sprints x betahaus | Hamburg which will introduce you to what you need for remote collaboration, what you need for it and what the first steps are to become a successful remote team.

Event holder: Neon Sprints x betahaus | Hamburg

When: April 1 @ 12pm - 1pm

Search Inside Yourself: A Workshop

How can we deal with stress and anxiety? How can we learn emotional intelligence and resilience? This free workshop will help you develop the leadership and emotional intelligence skills needed to intensify focus, manage stress, harness creativity and improve resilience.

Event holder: betahaus | Berlin x LUMEN

When: April 2nd

betaSalon: Self Care in Times of Change

Nadia, co-founder of Coco & Clay Cosmetics, will join our digital betaSalon to give us a better insight on the importance of self-care for the time coming. While we wash our hands in between, she will share some insights that hopefully helps you to ease some of the tensions you are carrying around these days.

Event holder: betahaus | Berlin x Coco & Clay Cosmetics

When: April 3rd @ 11am-11:30am

betaSalon: Taking Care of your Mood Swings

Our world is changing at a break-neck speed. There is so much uncertainty and anxiety around us that it can become a real challenge to cope with both of them. We have no choice but to stay focused and face whatever comes next. For doing that, it is essential to handle our mood swings from time to time.

What are the handrails we can reach out to? What are those permanent values we should concentrate on in the long run when everything is rapidly changing? How can we get back on track when we feel disillusioned?

In his work as a counselor, Stefano Carpani supports individuals in transition who feel anxious, stressed, under pressure or melancholic. Stefano is a researcher, a mentor and the initiator of The School of Dreams.

Event holder: betahaus | Berlin x Coco & The School of Dreams

When: April 7th at 11am - 11:30am


basement.sessions are be a low-key way to connect with other members of the Neukölln community with beer on us. But in collaboration with Basement.Berlin – the below-ground workshop and event space of betahaus | Neukölln – every event will also be a creative exploration in the areas of music, art, or craft.

See you underground.

Event holder: betahaus | Berlin x basement.Berlin

When: April 9th at 6:30pm-7:30pm

betaSalon: New Work Heroes

Making career decisions and navigating a “new normal” is daunting, at best. In the middle of a global health crisis, any impact on our personal and professional reality feels even more challenging. For one, any step forward or backward might rattle the precious balance we are accustomed to. On the other hand, we read Top Ten of the best WFH experiences, self-optimization and a surge in digital events to help us adjust to a world during and after the crisis.

For this 5th edition of betaSalon we have invited betahaus Member and Career Coach Jörn Hendrik Ast from New Work Heroes, to talk about what it takes for this “new normal” to set in, what it can mean for the professional and personal welfare of Coaches and quite possibly - ... if this might not be the time to take a leap of faith?

Event holder: betahaus | Berlin x New Work Heroes

When: April 14th at 11am - 11:30am

Future Labs: Corona will go, remote work will stay.

This online webinar is all about work-life balance. Explore the challenges, but also about the benefits of working from home.

The home office often has a bad reputation of not being a productive work environment. Now many of us are forced to work remotely. We believe that after Coronavirus we will have a different, more open work culture. Let’s change home office’s bad image and shape a new workplace!

Event holder: betahaus | Berlin x DAESK

When: April 14th at 8pm-9pm

Digital Law Roundtable with KUHLEN

In this online business meetup, you can address your experiences and challenges and relating legal questions during the Covid-19 crisis in a small group. Share your experiences and get firsthand information about cancellations, closings, contracts, financial help programs and other pressing legal issues by Ludmilla Kuhlen of KUHLEN Berlin.

The roundtable will alternate every week until the end of April 2020 between a “StartUp Edition” and “Freelance Edition”.

Event holder: betahaus | Berlin x KUHLEN Berlin

betaSalon: Community Building in Lockdown ft. Urban Sports Club

Learn about the challenges of building and “moving” a community online - literally as well as figuratively! What does it mean to be active in a time where most of us are limited to just about our personal four walls? And how can startups like Urban Sport Club provide a new perspective at Community building for the future?

Event holder: betahaus | Berlin x Urban Sports Club

When: April 16th @ 6:30pm - 7:00pm

betaSalon: Sustainable Finance ft. Mirko Lange

Money makes the world go around. But as we move towards a more sustainable society and economy, how can we keep our finances stable along the way?

In times of this somewhat uncertain future, providing for what’s to come is more important than ever. This is not an easy, yet a mandatory task. Especially in nowadays where the desire to invest not only for one´s own sake but also for the good of everyone involved is greater than ever.

Join independent financial consultant Mirko Liam Lange in a candid interview about challenges and plans to develop a sustainable financial strategy that suits your individual situation.

Event holder: betahaus | Berlin x Mirko Liam Lange

When: April 21st @ 11am-11:30am

betaSalon: Self Leadership for a Digital Age

Technology has always been a double-edged sword. We have all the tools to cultivate self-awareness in order to successfully manage our health, motivation, and relationships - both, in our jobs and private lives. Shall we go offline to achieve that or is there a role that digital solutions can play in that process?

As a coach and trainer in mindful self-leadership for the Digital Age, Maximilian facilitates using the SIY (Search Inside Yourself) methodology created at Google. He has also been working on bringing mindfulness and compassion to the public school system and has supported many NGOs and social enterprises to stay motivated.

Event holder: betahaus | Berlin x Maximilian Hild

When: April 28th @ 11am-11:30am

betabeer LIVE ft. Gideon Bellin from Sober Sensation

Still looking forward to meeting the lady you’re passing on the stairs every morning? betabeer is our monthly community event where you can meet members of our community over beer. 

As you might imagine, things will be a bit, um... different this month. We’re cranking up the tunes and inviting you to BYOB and get down with us (or just come for a hang) from the comfort of your own home. It is a chance for people from near and far to party with us like the good old days – we’d love to see you there. 

Event holder: betahaus | Berlin

When: April 30th @ 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Our virtual community events are open to everyone!

Remote Work Party with One Coworking

With many coworking spaces closed down for the time being, One Coworking thought this would be the perfect opportunity to host another WorkParty. Of course: 100% online and virtual - but still as badass as last summer! See what coworking is all about, get your work done and meet a bunch of professionals in Berlin (and beyond).

Event holder: One Coworking x betahaus | Berlin

When: May 13th @ 10am - 2pm

betaSalon: Leave the Stage Fear Behind

Not everybody feels comfortable in public speaking situation especially not nowadays when the atmosphere is totally different. There are techniques that can support the communication with clients and partners to leave the stage fear behind.

As a coach, trainer and actor, Aviran Edri has been working with people for years to guide them on the journey of self-exploration, development and the discovering of their full potential. He offers an alternative approach to his process, integrating artistic and theatrical elements.

Event holder: betahaus | Berlin x Aviran Edri

When: May 15th @ 11am-11:30am

We're in this together! Watch our Events Calendar for updates as more of our events go online. And if you have ideas for virtual events, send us a message!

Probably the biggest benefit of coworking is community and events. Now we know it may not be the first thing you’re looking for as you seek out your next office space, but bear with us.

Imagine using your lunch breaks to chat with someone in your industry. Meeting freelance developers at after-work beers. Networking with investors at BETAPITCH. Pitching at our weekly betabreakfast and getting support and feedback on your new ideas.

betahaus has spent the last 10 years cultivating a community of people who we genuinely like working with. And when you join, your team will become a part of it, too.

"The Summer is the best time to host Backyard sessions and BBQ’s’’

In the summer, we launched a couple of new events in Neukölln like Freelancers, Unite!, The Backyard Sessions and My friend’s BBQ. 

Freelancers, Unite! developed as our productive coworking session with freelancers from in and outside the ‘haus. Once a month, we picked an important freelance topic (such as taxes, time-management, etc) and invited experts to give us insights on the topic. We saw so many new faces and had the chance to come back closer to where we started from - the freelance, grassroots culture. 

Freelancers, Unite! at betahaus | Neukölln

Another event, which started in July (and turned out to be our favourite events) were The Backyard Sessions. Organised by our queen of Neukölln - Robbin – the Backyard Sessions are our creative evenings with live music jams, movie screenings and cocktails. 

The Backyard Sessions at basement.berlin
Movie Screening at basement.berlin

This last event was hilarious because for quite some time, nobody knew exactly who organised it or invited them. The friend was throwing a BBQ for the community in the garden and this led to all our members joining and staying after for a beer or two with us.

‘’My favourite moment this year was the second friends bbq which was actually cancelled because of the rain forecast. But despite the bad weather, people show up and it turned into a super nice intimate evening with Elizaveta and Paul giving a garden concert.’’ - Robbin (Community Manager, betahaus)

''In July, it was great how the casual after-work BBQ turned into an impromptu acoustic blues jam session with Elizavetta Barsegova and Paul, who have the voice of an angel. Actually, all of the My Friend's BBQ's and Backyard Sessions were AWESOME.’’
- Paige (Head of Marketing, betahaus) 

The Garden at betahaus | Neukölln
My Friend's BBQ at betahaus | Neukölln

"As a coworking space, you have to give stage to important topics.’’

This year we released a new event format in Kreuzberg called ‘’The betaSalon’’. It's an open panel discussion which aims to give stage to important topics and give free speech on them. The fist one we did on the EU elections, last month we talked about changemakers, but our favourite one for this season stays ‘’Mother + Founder’’ where we partnered with FemGems podcast and recorded a live podcast episode for them having Madeleine Gummer von Mohl (betahaus co-founder), Kristine Zeller (co-creater of ooshi period underwear) and Luisa Hoffman on the stage.

betaSalon at betahaus | Kreuzberg

"Startups are transforming European football as we know it.’’

One of the most exciting projects for betahausX this year (which is also continuing in 2020) is their new startup challenge called The Werder Lab - a global startup competition that aims to reimagine the way clubs like Werder work with athletes, fans and partners.

"You should leave time for the things you love most’’ 

This year couldn’t end without us having our favourite events - the end-of-the-year holiday party and the BETAPITCH Global Finals. On the 6th of December we saw the 9 finalists of the regional BETAPITCH competitions pitching in front of our jury. Congrats to Troy from Hamburg for winning the big prize.

We finished the year at our Holiday Party celebrating anything and everything at betahaus | Neukölln together with our members, friends of friends and our favourite artists from Passiflora LIVE, Tapete and Kotoe.

Love at The betahaus Holiday Party 2019

Thank you for being with us in 2019. It's been a crazy big year for us and it wouldn't been possible without your support, trust and the hard work of our amazing team. Have an amazing holiday time and we'll see you again in 2020.

With love,


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