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Taylor Record
August 28, 2018

A Sneak Peek Inside our betahaus l Pop-up Spaces in 2018

We're on tour this summer while our new location at Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 23 is being restored! In the meantime, we've got our Pop-up @ Köpenicker Straße 154A all set for coworking and a pretty cool satellite space where you can book your events.

It was big summer of goodbyes. We closed down our Club Lounge, had our last party in the betahaus Café, and moved our favorite furniture out of the Loft before closing the doors on Prinzessinnenstraße 19-20 once and for all. 

It was hard seeing our favorite spaces empty after so many good years! But this ride is far from over. We've started our move into bigger and better spaces, and that means an opportunity to start fresh.

Photo: Flags at Old Location

Our Pop-up Coworking Spaces

Our new Pop-up @ Köpenicker Straße is spread across two floors and divided into Club Level (Ground Floor, Entrance A) and Pro Level (First Floor, Entrance C). On the Club Level, you'll find the Front Desk, our two event spaces, and our Club coworking area. The Pro Level is designated workspace for all of our Pro Members. Both floors are Flexdesk only and include access to a tea kitchen, toilets, a printer, and meeting rooms. The openness of the space allows people to get in contact even easier and creates a collaborative atmosphere.

Photo: Front Desk
Photo: Pro Level
Photo: Pro Level
Photo: Pro Level
Photo: Club Level

Our Pop-up Event Spaces

At Köpenicker Straße, we have two event spaces available and customizable for all kind of events. Our Pop-Up Lab (60 sqm) is an intimate space that serves as a location for presentations, meetings or cocktail hours. The room offers privacy while being closely integrated into our coworking environment. If you need something a bit bigger, you can expand your event into our Pop-Up Loft (110 sqm). This is our biggest space with capacity for large groups and flexible design to ensure a collaborative environment for any kind of event you're planning. The space is combined with the Lab and equipped with plenty of seating, so the room can be easily adjusted to anything you need. // Book an Event Space

Photo:  with Holoeyes and IP Bridgebetabreakfast
Photo:  with Holoeyes and IP Bridgebetabreakfast
Photo: Pop-up Lab
Photo: Pop-up Loft

Our Satellite Event Spaces

Apart from our two event spaces at Köpenicker Straße, we've also struck gold with Der Bogen, a space that regularly hosts creative events and collaborations. Der Bogen is located right next to the Spree at Michaelbrücke, 1. Flooded with light and views of the water, the space offers the ideal environment for creative and special events. The space is 170sqm and can fit up to 70 people, so Der Bogen is well suited to a cocktail night, a workshop, a creative meeting or a design sprint. // Book an Event Space

Photo: Der Bogen
Photo: Der Bogen
Photo: Der Bogen
Photo: Der Bogen

We’re excited to welcome you at our Pop-Up location and hear your feedback about the space! If you're interested in becoming a member, you can apply for your membership here. If you’re searching for an event location for your end of year events, send us an email at events@betahaus.de and someone from our team will get back to you shortly.