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Taylor Record
May 2, 2018

FAQs: The Move

As you may have heard, betahaus | Berlin is moving! We’re starting fresh in a brand new space after nearly ten years in operation. We couldn’t be more excited, but we know any big change takes adjustment. Have questions about our new coworking space in Berlin? Curious about what comes next? We’ve got answers.

Where is the new space?

From September - November We're opening our own betahaus Pop-Up @ Köpenicker Straße 154 - 157 so you can keep working while we get Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 23 move-in ready. Take a peek inside the space here.

From December: Our new space is located in Kreuzberg at Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 23. From our current location, we’re moving 20 minutes down the road walking and 6 minutes by bike. More specifically, the building is accessible by the U6, just 1 minute away from the U-Bahn station Kochstraße, or the M29.

What does the new space look like?

The new space is six stories spread out across 2800 sqm. We’ll be renovating the building with our members in mind, so here’s what we can promise:

  • 5 Floors of Coworking Areas
  • Event Spaces
  • More Meeting Rooms
  • More Team Rooms
  • More Call Boxes
  • A Rooftop Terrace
  • A Café

We'll be updating The Move landing page with photos as we have them, so watch out for that!

And what's the deal with the betahaus | Pop-up @ Köpenicker Straße?

From 27 August, you can work from the betahaus | Pop-up @ Köpenicker Straße 154-157. Located along the Spree in central Kreuzberg, our Pop-up will be two floors of beautiful industrial space with enough Flexdesks for all of our Club and Pro Members*. We’ll set the space up with everything you need to keep working with us while we get our space at Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 23 move-in ready. Learn more about our Pop-up here.

When is the move?

We moved out of our house on Moritzplatz on August 24th and are opening our new house at Rudi-Dutschke-Straße on 3 December. In the meantime, we're working from the betahaus | Pop-up @Köpenicker Straße 154. We plan to begin moving in July to ensure that the space is functional and comfortable by the time you get there. Bottom line – we’ll do everything we can to make the move as seamless as possible.

*Updates: Our new space is planned to open on Monday, 3 December.

Why are you moving?

After 10 years at Moritzplatz, we were excited for the change! You might have noticed some construction going on in the neighborhood and our lease was almost up. We figured we’d have to make a move eventually, and this seemed like the perfect time to do it.

We chose the new building because it felt like a betahaus the moment we saw it. When we first moved into our original house, we didn’t know much about coworking. This new space not only has all the functional aspects of betahaus, but also glass walls and a clearer layout to facilitate coworking. We’re most excited that the building will have balconies on every floor, a large café, and a rooftop terrace!

What’s happening to the old building?

The area surrounding Prinzessinnenstraße 19-20 will be under construction for the next 18 months. This building will be gutted and renewed, and another building will be built in the space that is currently is our parking lot. We’re going to miss the building as much as you are, but things simply wouldn’t have been the same.

How does the move impact my membership?

As we move into the new space, we plan to adjust new member pricing to reflect updated amenities. All Club & Pro Members* who keep their memberships active through the move will keep the same pricing through the end of 2019! We also will be creating custom offers for Team Room and Team Desk Members.

*Offer only applies to regular Club & Pro memberships; special deals will need to speak directly with the coworking team. Terms of cancellation still apply.

What about parking?

Our new space is conveniently located 1 minute away from the U-Bahn station Kochstraße and the M29 stop Charlottenstraße. It’s also just a 6 minute bike ride from our current location. We’d like to encourage members to consider these options to ensure a comfortable commute to the new space! With that in mind, we will be researching parking lots in the area and plan to have a paid option available upon request.

What are the implications of the move on my business?

We understand that our move is your move, and we plan to support you throughout the process! In the coming months, we will be creating handouts and checklists, and offering office hours that address your questions more specifically. For example, we’re collaborating with some of our oldest friends at KUHLEN to offer legal information and other materials surrounding a change of address. Our marketing team will also create a checklist of where you ought to update your listings with the new address.

My business address is registered at betahaus. How can I update this?

To ensure you keep receiving mail during the move, you'll need to update your address with the current one (both for letters and packages). Make sure to include ‘"c/o betahaus."

Until 1 November: Köpenicker Straße 154, 10997 Berlin, Entrance A

After 3 December: Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 23, 10969 Berlin

You should also contact DHL and order a “Postnachsendeauftrag” for your own company.

Optional: betahaus alumni BULLET offers a virtual mail service* which can help smooth the transition during the move. They are offering every betahaus member a special deal to handle your post and send a virtual version of your letters (there's also a paid option if you need the hard copy). If you proceed with this option, please update your address directly to Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 23 (c/о betahaus). You can signup here using promo code betahaus918.

* Please note that this is a separate service provider, not connected to betahaus.

What do I need to do to move out? What can I do with my furniture or monitors during the move?

We're moving out of our building on 24 August. ALL personal items need to be removed from the building or risk being thrown away. Our Front Desk can answer all your questions related to Moving Day, but here's a quick overview of how to get your things moved to the new space.

1. Stop by the Front Desk for moving boxes, bubblewrap, etc.

2. Label each box with your Company Name & Number of Boxes (ex. ⅕, ⅖, ⅗,⅘,.. ). If you'd like to store boxes or screens until we reach Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 23, please write “TAZ” on the label. PLEASE NOTE: You won’t be able to reach the boxes or screens until our final move.

3. Deliver packed and labeled boxes as follows:

Team Desk Members: Please deliver the packed and labeled boxes to Meeting Room 1 by Friday, 24 August between 9am and 6pm

Team Room Members: Please leave the packed and labeled boxes in your Team Room, and label ALL private furniture with your company name.

4. Our moving company will pick everything up on the weekend 25-26 August so you can start working on at Köpenicker Strasse 154 by Monday, 27 August.

Everything you do not need should be brought to the trash bins in the courtyard.

How can I share my ideas for the new space?

Our new space is to be designed in part by our members. We need your ideas! To share your ideas for the new space, you can:

  • Email us at themove@betahaus.de with your suggestions
  • Join #themove on betahaus | Berlin
  • Stop by the Idea Wall on the first floor to stick/paint/tag your ideas for the new space!

Have more questions? Check out our landing page, The Move, for everything related to the move including a calendar of events, move resources, and photos of the new space!