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Vihra Shopova
February 22, 2019

We're Celebrating 10 Years In beta!

On 27 April we’re turning our space in Neukölln into a party venue and an immersive art exhibition to celebrate 10 years of coworking. Here's an overview on what's cookin'!

It's been a decade since we opened our first coworking space at Moritzplatz and there’s no way we're skipping our 10-year anniversary without a huge birthday bash. For this one, we've invited Berlin-based artists and creatives to take over our building in Neukölln and generate a full art experience.

Always in beta

In 2009, six twenty year olds decided to reinvent the usual working environment to build a space where they could collaborate with friends and try out creative ideas. It became a safe space for prototyping, learning and reinventing the work dogmas. Soon enough, betahaus turned into a meeting point for creatives and innovators from all around the globe.

Photo: Madeleine, Max and Christoph (Co-Founders) on People in beta 2015

10 years later, we’ve grown together with our community to have two locations in Berlin and 500+ world-movers sharing their entrepreneurial path with us. To celebrate our journey and the beautiful crew we now have on our side, we’re throwing a party with (and for) the community.

Photo: betahaus @ Moritzplatz 2017

On 27 April, we're celebrating not only a decade of coworking, but a decade of growth, changes and togetherness. We’re inviting old friends, current members and newcomers to celebrate 10 years in beta with us! No matter if you've been with betahaus for quite some time now, you just joined or you're still planning to get into our community - this party is for you! 

Photo: Alice at People in beta (2015)

The Birthday Bash

It’s been a while since our last big wing-ding, so we’re compensating for our short absence from the Berlin party scene with this one. The team we have working on it have been behind the wheel for some of our craziest parties (incl. People in Beta) and are cooking up something pretty special. We’re starting already in the afternoon and won’t leave before the sun rises up again on the next morning. Our line-up is all set with favourite DJ's from the local scene and live bands that know how to get you moving.

Photo: People In beta Festival 2016

We've opened more than 200qm to creative artists and makers to set an immersive exhibition and pack our brand new building in Neukölln with art. While you’re digging the music and drinking some botanical cocktails, Berlin-based artists will be transferring the party vibe into a mural. In the meantime, professional modern and pole dancers will be creating art with their bodies directly on our dance floor.

When you feel like taking a break you can enjoy a VR experience of our old house, jump into a room filled with balloons or simply relax in our chill out room with a traditional tea ceremony and connection focused led meditation. And FYI, to make it all even more fun, we’ll have FREE beer during the whole night, cocktail bar, great food from some of our favorite food trucks and a huge birthday cake.

The Party Venue

The birthday bash for 10 years in beta will take over the first floor and the maze of betahaus | Neukölln. This is our second location in Berlin which is all about going back to our roots and reconnecting with the makers scene that we came from. The party will be our very first celebration in the space so get ready to be taken on a journey around its wide rooms, darkest corners, chill areas in the backyard (where we even have a piece of the Berlin Wall) or just let loose on the dance floor!

Photo: Old Geyer Werke Building - now betahaus Neukölln


Don't be shy and go crazy with it! The theme of 10 Years in beta is UtopiaX. Feel free to come in the most extravagant, experimental and utopian version of yourself. Interpret it as you like. And if you’re struggling with picking up your outfit we’ve hired a Total Makeover Crew to help you get more colourful and glittery and set your style on point for the night.


If you’re a Berlin-based artist and you’re searching for a venue to present your art, send us an email at olga@betahaus.de and become a part of our party! We’re looking forward to you applications!

Thanks to our partners, this year we will be the ones making the presents as a thank you for sticking up with us for these 10 years! Make sure to RSVP on Eventbrite and grab your free ticket so we put your name into our Happiness Jar. Also join the Facebook Event here

Your betahaus,
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