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Organised by: Carmel Finnan

Hype-free Marketing through Storytelling

betahaus | Office Hours are one-on-one free consultancy sessions (30 mins) with experts from our community to our community.

About the Event

You are developing a great business idea, or maybe you’ve already set up your business. But … there’s something holding you back.

When asked to explain what you do, make a presentation, network at trade fairs, speak at conferences, etc., you don’t yet feel "ready", so you let the opportunity pass.

Or, you do your best, but once again fail to engage your audience.  

Isn’t it time to learn how to talk about your business every context – without using hype or hustle that makes people reach for the “off” button? 

I’ll help you do just that by learning how to get your ‘signature story’ right, that’s the story that forms the basis of all your business communication, so that you get the attention of potential clients, investors, partners, affiliates, etc., inspire connection, build relationship and invite action. 

About Event holder

Carmel Finnan helps mission-driven Creatives, Entrepreneurs and Micro/Small Businesses learn the essential key to running a successful business: “When you can tell a story right, you’ll never have to hustle for a client again!”

She’s is the owner of Story Dialogue which focuses on using the Story Dialogue Process as the basis for successful marketing and branding.

Visit her facebook and Linkedin here.

Important Information

- To secure your spot please register in advance by sending an email to Carmel: carmel@storydialogue.com

- This Office Hours session is free for both betahaus members and non-members.

- In your email please indicate which 30-minute time slot you would like on the day.

- Once you arrive, please go to front desk and wait.

- If you would like to book a session but either all slots are already taken or you aren’t able to make it at a prescribed time, please write an email to Carmel and she will try and find a solution.

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