about betahaus

What we do

Whether it's a flexible desk or a fully decked out event space, the way that our spaces feel & function is completely up to you.
What kind of space are you looking for today?

people sitting near the windows and listening to a concert at sofar sounds event in betahaus kreuzberg coworking space

Spaces to work together

Coworking is at the heart of what we do. At our newly renovated building in the heart of Berlin, you'll find flexible seating and collaborative workspaces where your best ideas can flourish.

Find a quiet hideaway or a seat in the middle of the action to experience the 10* Coworking Experience for yourself.

Spaces for teams to collaborate

Choose a private workspace that will help take your team to the next level. From ready-to-move four-person offices on a shared floor to white labeled floors, we take care of all the logistics and services so you can stay focused on what you do best.

Ready to join an innovative environment that connects your team, transforms your company culture and grows your business?

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Spaces to host events

We have four completely customizable event spaces with made-by-us character that your guests won't soon forget. Each of the venues are flooded with natural light and offer something special, whether it's rooftop access, incredible views of the city, or the industrial character that Berlin is famous for. Let's plan your next event.

people participating in an event in betahaus neukölln coworking event space