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Zoya Misha
April 28, 2021

People in beta #10: Lightspace with Paige - "We're Calling it Soulpreneurship"

It's a story most entrepreneurs know too well.

As a digital strategy consultant, things were actually going pretty well for Paige.

She was freelancing in Berlin. She was running a profitable business and finally had the flexibility to work from anywhere. She was getting projects with all kinds of companies, of all sizes across all industries, and even us for a while. It's the moment that any budding entrepreneur hopes for. But Paige was exhausted.

Her epiphany moment came when she realized she couldn't keep doing what she was doing. There simply weren't enough hours in the day. That and she wanted more purpose. More impact. To stop trading time for money. And to reconnect with the things she is most passionate about. *bet you know where this one is headed*

So in 2019 she created Lightspace – business coaching & strategy consulting for service-based businesses within the wellness, personal + spiritual development space. Through coaching and business accelerators, she teaches passionate soulpreneurs – not so unlike herself – how to clarify what they do, create a signature offer, repackage it, and watch their business bloom.

We sat down with her to ask her more about business strategy, the future of digital products, and how mindset is the basis for success. Here's what she had to say.

Photo from YourLightspace.co

Tell us about Your Lightspace! How did that come to be?

For over 8 years now, I’ve been growing a digital strategy consultancy. I was working with *literally* everyone — energy healers, mergers & acquisitions firms, yoga studios, tech startups, coworking spaces, life coaches, business consultants, accountants, corporate innovation agencies & therapists  — you name it. Call it cliche or just call me a millennial, but I was lacking a sense of greater purpose, just chasing money and working 60+ hours per week. I went back and forth a few times with this being my main-gig and then my side-gig. I was bored and exhausted.

I was always passionate about personal development, spirituality, alternative wellness + healing. All of that ‘woo-woo’ stuff.

I had an epiphany moment one day, and decided to drop everything, take my expertise and serve a community that I’m wildly passionate about. A community that would love to do anything other than figure out ‘business strategy’. I believe the world needs what they offer. So, I filled the gap. I call it Soulpreneurship, and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. 

Photo from YourLightspace.co

What’s one of the most common mindset issues you encounter as an entrepreneurial coach?

Imposter Syndrome is a big one. You see this a lot, especially within leadership roles and with entrepreneurs. Feeling like a fraud or always chasing “one more” degree or certification until you can give yourself permission to step into your power as the expert, coach or leader that you are. 

Another one is the Receiving Block — which are usually tied in with how much you believe you deserve to be given, to earn or to have. 

These belief structures are formed throughout life, a product of our environment and things we were exposed to. Think of it like programs installed in our subconscious minds. It’s quite a lot of untangling and inner work that needs to be done— but a necessary part of leveling-up.

If we don’t believe we’re worthy of receiving— be it money or success – then we’re going to repel that.

I believe that without this, business strategy is almost useless. Everything is more difficult than it needs to be. 

Photo from YourLightspace.co

Can you walk us through some of the mindset tools & modalities that you use with your coaching clients?

Business strategy is great, but the mindset + energy work is what I love most about my job. Some of my favorite tools are guided visualization, meditation, breathwork, neuro linguistic programming (NLP). 

Getting to work with clients who love this stuff as much as I do is my dream come true. Fortunately, there are so many different tools and modalities out there, so you can easily find something that resonates with you.

One of the things you work with your entrepreneur clients with is an “offer pyramid” – can you tell us more about that?

It’s essentially taking the core of what you do and repackaging it in a way that enables your revenue to multiply and allows you to work with more people at once, without trading more time for money. I’m showing you how to scale your business online.

I work with all kinds of coaches and typically when we cross paths, they’ve nearly booked-out their 1:1 programs or service offerings. So, we book that out, then we explore what expanding that program into what a group format could look like, and then we book that out. If they come to me having booked-out their group format, typically then they’re looking to digitize their core offer into courses or masterclass formats. If they’ve done all of the above, then we look at integrating a membership / subscription offer into the business model. 

Photo by yourlightspace.co

My practitioner clients are typically looking to take the yoga, breathwork technique or the healing modality they’ve coined and create a facilitator training or program with a license subscription.

The result: a much longer customer lifecycle, plus financial stability followed by significant financial growth as they realize high-ticket, passive and recurring revenue. They win back a lot of their time and ‘freedom’.

The pandemic has definitely catalyzed many businesses’ transition to digital products and services, and online communities. Do you see this being a lasting shift?

Absolutely. Though, it’s been happening in this space for nearly a decade before the pandemic forced everyone to either sink or swim. It’s exciting because it allows you as the service provider to reach and connect with people all over the world and it allows people all over the world to connect with transformational coaches, healers and practitioners of all kinds.

Consciousness— whatever you want to call it — it’s on the rise now more than ever before. So for me, it’s about more than just pivoting and scaling. We’re ushering in a new paradigm.

Check out what Paige has going on via Instagram or her Website. And if you're looking to grow your business in a collaborative space, take a look at our coworking memberships.