Iva Jankovic
June 2, 2015

You are not born with Sales, you learn them!

In betahaus I Berlin we are launching our 3rd edition of Rockstar Sales Course starting 27th of June.

Why is Sales still important?

It's true, we are far away from the age of door-to-door man in suits trying to sell you a new vacuum cleaner or a car cleaning paste. Eventhough the structure of sales has changed, it hasn’t disappeared. Imagine, how would any company function if they were unable to sell their products or services? How would anyone get a job, if they can’t even sell their skills? It is of core importance for every entrepreneur, freelancer, employee and even CEO to have at least basic sales skills.


In betahaus I Berlin together with Sales master Jörn Hendrik we have tackled the world of sales and its importance in this new ecosystem of Startups and self-assigned job titles by creating a Course that combines old wisdom and new applications. Our Rockstar Sales course is structured into 3 all day weekend Sessions in addition we are offering 3 one-on-one breakfast sessions to monitor your improvement. Course holder Jörn Hendrik, has created three main steps where you will face the fear of pitching and learning to present your idea well, get rid of hatred towards Acquisition and enjoy the Eternal Sales Funnel while working on an individual topic that you are able to simply apply to your needs. The word Sales sounds outdated, almost vintage, but its usage is very much modern and present. 

We will teach you how to combine the old image with the new business, join us for the Rockstar Sales course starting June 27th right here in betahaus! Just for you we have prolonged the Early Bird Ticket until June 13th! Hurry up and save your spot, number of places is limited.

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Orietta: When we started looking for a place I was already involved in the betahaus community. Working from previous betahaus locations and attending the community events, I already knew a lot of people in the 'haus ...

Joey: Yes, I remember on the first day we came to betahaus Orietta was like ‘’Oh, hey! Hi! Hey, how are you doing? Hi!'' giving high-fives to everybody and we were like: What is going on, why does she know everybody?!

Orietta: Well, the vibe in betahaus is just super easy going. You directly feel that you can meet people easily. If you go to the kitchen for example and just ask ''Hey how are you, what are you working on?''. We made many new contacts too.

Claudius: What makes it nice here is that people are enjoying being here and working on their projects.

Photos by Lea GK

Claudius: The truth is, we could probably afford an office for the same price, but that would put us between these four walls, which put you into a box, much harder to exit and to connect with new people. We went for a Team Desk because here we have so much more space and everything seems much more connected. You can easily meet people.

Orietta: And it’s just so spacious here. We have this super nice garden.

Claudius: I like being focused on my work but I also like if someone disturbs me from time to time. It helps when the door opens. In an office we would work in a whole different way. Here Gillord (Coworking Manager) is coming in everyday, giving me a hug, telling me about his workout .. that’s the main reason - the personal connection.

The day in betahaus starts with a hug and ends with a hug. The time in between is pretty much spent on doing what you love.
Photos by Lea GK

After you’ve taken care of your paperwork and you’ve signed up both in Bürger- and Finanzamt, you are all set up to start working. One of the best ways to get integrated into the city fast, meet like-minded people, and even find clients is by working from a coworking space. There are tons of benefits for freelancers and luckily Berlin has a lot to offer in this way. A coworking space is a physically collaborative shared workspace, which brings all kinds of creatives and entrepreneurs together. It’s a perfect place for startups, freelancers, digital nomads and even corporates searching for innovation. And it’s the biggest advantage towards the typical office space is that it pushes a collaborative exchange between its members and facilitates the creative process and networking.

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