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Christoph Fahle
October 1, 2013

Yeah we survived the festival!

Oh what a weekend!

Puh we are all still suffering from the hangover of the People in Beta Festival 2013! And we want to say: Thank you!! To the workshop holders, to the speakers, to the bands that played during the Battle of the Startup Band, to the startups that pitched at the hardware pitch, to Pedro and his team for setting up the most amazing "Something Strange Will happen Party" as well as to the DJs and the betaradio which provided us with great beats and drugs... ah no just kidding!

And we want to shout out loud to our friends from elance, amazon web service, orderbird, somewhere and despark - you guys rock! Thanks for getting involved as sponsors and make this happen!

You all made last Saturday an unforgettable day at betahaus. After the delicious Kick-Off breakfast, the workshops and talks in the arena filled up and made the sunny, bluesky-day into a colorful experience. For those of you who did not want to participate in a workshop, Stylemarks set up a stylish fashion market ready to explore. For more arty interested people, Genna Rose was ready to sell her "poems to order" on any topic you wanted.  Our Berlin Hardware Accelerator team set up an futuristic hardware pitch with 8 startups which made it almost impossible for the judges to decide on a winner, because all of the pitching teams just rocked! The Battle of the Startup Bands surprised all of us with an outstanding concert until 10pm - the betahaus | café was packed with dancing fans! But this was just the preparty - the real thing started around 11pm and it lasted till sunrise. It was not a normal party at all, no, it was much more like an experience with a huge versatility. Besides the popcorn filled chill-out room, there was a cozy fireplace and smoking area in the courtyard and for the ones who wanted a special drink there was a bar where you could design your own drinks. Through the betaradio team the partytime was armed with remarkable musicians.

Conclusion: it was possibly the best People in Beta Festival we ever survived! And as soon as Marcela Fae will send us the pictures from the weekend the ones of you who missed the Festival will mark the last weekend in September 2014 red! Because you should not miss this twice!! Stay tuned!

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