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Christoph Fahle
March 3, 2013

Win Win Win, BETAPITCH | Vienna Has Its Winners!

Yeah, it’s over. All the great work that the team of sektor5 has done, and all the incredible quality startups know the winner. Let’s see how it went. The 10 startups that were picked out of the applicants to pitch upfront the jury made a nice show. The composition was international, 3 of the pitching startups came from far Slovakia.

We’ve seen pitches of guys working in various fields - from services for conferences, smart homes, aggregator services to app that helps you crowdsource your birthday wish.

We were lucky to have the pitch trainers Marius and Philipp to train the startups all Friday afternoon, so at the betapitch finals at sektor5 we could enjoy their pimped and snappy pitches.

After the 10 pitches were over, the jury got tough time to make the decision and come up with the results. Although there were more startups on their winning shortlist, the winners can be only two. Therefore the startups who get the 1000eur, coworking @ sektor5 and various services to bootstrap the startup are:

Networker - the platform for networking at the events

Flatout - the services for smart homes, which automates the home management. The guys already know what they'll spend the money on - to rent a caravans  to camp at Cebit conference so they can open up their booth there.

Congrats to the winners, respect to the rest.

This is just the beginning, as the winning startups get the fasttrack to the betapitch| global (happening in Berlin, July 6th), where they will compete against the winners from the other betapitches from all over Europe. Here they have to prove their excellent pitching skills, bulletproof business models and make the awesome judges believe the business is viable and deserves the awesome prizes.

The winner takes it all!

We want to send a special thank you to styria digital, the local 'superhero' who made all of this possible! Thank you guys for making all this happen, the jury and the startups were just great and we are sure that this was not the last time we saw these teams pitching!


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