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Katka Nagyová
April 14, 2014

Win a spot on legendary surf trip in Portugal and answer the quiz now!

We’re looking for 5 awesome coworkers who’ll hop on a VW camper van just like in '60s and drive along the Portuguese coast!

We teamed up with SurfinPortugal and came up with this trip, which is going to be le-gen-dary.

These guys have put together few VW camper vans from '60s and rent them out to surfers. Not just that, they developed an app which can guide you to the best surfing spots on the coast.

Now betahaus | members have the chance to win the VW camper van for 5 days. It’s fully equipped for camping, so all you need is to get there and get your surfboard ready.

Just answer our QUIZ and the 5 fastest ones will win it!

All excited and want to know more?!

The time frame is Monday - Friday any week till the end of May. The winners will pick the week together.

If you have a bunch of friends, they can rent another van and get a 10% discount on it. More vans, more fun.

You’ll need to pay the insurance for the car which is 20 EUR for a person for a trip.

This is for betahaus | MEMBERS ONLY! It's worth it to be one, nah? :)

You don’t need to know how to surf to join the trip.


So join the legendary trip of 5 random surfing coworkers.

Answer the QUIZ now!




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