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Taylor Record
January 21, 2020

Why Choose a Coworking Space for your Next Private Office?

Coworking spaces aren't just for freelancers anymore.

As the concept of coworking has taken hold, our vision for what we do at betahaus has grown too. We create collaborative workspaces, first and foremost. But our offerings have expanded to include creating inspired event spaces. Providing community gathering spaces for yoga classes or backyard parties. Building creative studios in our basement. Offering our walls up as gallery space. And, as we'll get into in this article, creating custom workspaces and private offices for teams.

Moving is a seriously hard thing for a team to do. It’s expensive, time-intensive, and it pulls you away from the work that you set out to do in the first place. So we're working to solve that problem for teams by creating more comprehensive space options for teams. Offices that are private, but more flexible, affordable, and a whole lot easier than starting an office from scratch.

If you’ve never worked in a coworking space before, maybe you have some questions about what it's like to cowork when you're not a freelancer. So here’s a quick guide on what it means to be a team who coworks and why moving into a coworking space can be a much better solution than signing a lease on your own private office.

No upfront costs

Let’s start with the big one. Anyone who has ever moved houses before knows there are tons of tiny expenses that suddenly add up to a very expensive relocation. And that’s just for you and your stuff.

When you start an office from scratch, you’ll have to invest in everything from new furniture to office amenities. You’ll need to outfit meeting rooms and stock the kitchen. Sign a monthly contract with the internet provider. Decorate. Even if you have a lot of these things from your old office, you’ll have to hire someone to help you move it and use up hours of your time getting everything set up.

One of the best parts of moving your team into a coworking space is that most of these costs are already covered in your monthly membership. You’ll move into a fully-furnished space with everything you need to get to work, AND you’ll know exactly how much you have to pay from the time you move in. 

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Flexible leases

Commitment. Oof. 

In a traditional office, you’ll typically have to sign a year lease (or longer). You’ll be committing to a fixed space that won’t grow with your team or give you flexibility if things change. Unless your contract goes month-to-month, you might just find yourself in a lifelong cycle of “let's figure it out next year”.

We believe that your office should help you grow, not hold you back. That’s why our Team Spaces come with leases as short as two months. Your rates are on a per-member basis, so you can easily expand your team or take over new rooms without having to break your lease. We work beside you rather than against you to find an arrangement that gives you the comfort of a home base with flexibility.

Easy move-in

Did we mention this was going to be easy? 

Just kidding. We definitely did.

But, look. Your space will be fully-furnished from the day you move in. We’ll have the WiFi up-and-running and printers online. The meeting rooms will be ready to go. The kitchenette stocked with mugs and freshly brewed coffee. And you’ll have the support of our coworking team. They’ll provide everything from reception to package handling to space maintenance. They’ll get you oriented in the space and make sure you have what you need to get to work.

New office without the downtime.

Customizable space that's yours

Some office spaces have a one-size-fits-all approach, but that's not really our style. The reason no two betahaus locations look the same is because they’re locally designed. And we give our Team Space members this same opportunity to customize their space.

Choose a room with a view of the city or one on the ground floor with easy access to the garden. Change the lighting fixture or bring your own bookshelf. We want teams to be able to white label, decorate, and really make the space their own if they want to.

And if you’re really looking to customize, Team HQs allow teams to collaborate with our architects and coworking team to create a space that is completely bespoke. Whether it’s additional meeting rooms, unconventional seating, or a yoga room, we apply our 10 years of experience in building functional workspace to your creative vision to create something that’s just right.

And you'll get community

Probably the biggest benefit of coworking is community and events. Now we know it may not be the first thing you’re looking for as you seek out your next office space, but bear with us.

Imagine using your lunch breaks to chat with someone in your industry. Meeting freelance developers at after-work beers. Networking with investors at BETAPITCH. Pitching at our weekly betabreakfast and getting support and feedback on your new ideas.

betahaus has spent the last 11 years cultivating a community of people who we genuinely like working with. And when you join, your team will become a part of it, too.

So there you have it! Those are just a few of the reasons that working from a coworking space can be the perfect solution for teams.

Looking for a new private office for your team? Download our Team Spaces PDF or send us a message to book a tour. We've got lots of space at our houses in Kreuzberg and Neukölln and would love to work with you to find the best solution for your next private office.