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Christoph Fahle
January 27, 2012

What Exactly Is The Offocehour "Founding & Financial Aid" ?!

Thorsten, amongst a lot of other things you are a founder- and communication coach. How did you become part of betahaus?

I specialized in the creative industries, so betahaus has the kind of clientele I can and want to work with. It therefore makes sense for me to be here. I work together with the international design center and the KfW bank, and often meet with clients here at the cafe. I have another office in here in Kreuzberg, and a lot of my clients who work there often ask to meet at betahaus. At some point I realized that this was simply the right place for me to work and to acquire clients.

You mostly work with founders in the creative industries. Why did you decide to focus your work on this area?

I studied business and cultural studies, so from the beginning it seemed logical for me to be involved in this area. I have worked in other fields before, but I simply realized that I prefer to work in the creative industries. That’s why I am here.

What kind of questions do you answer in your consultation hour? What are frequently asked questions?

I mostly answer questions from startups and freelancers about financing and financial support, not only during the founding phase, but also afterwards.

What do you hope to achieve with your consultation here at betahaus?

Above all, I do this because I hope that everybody who comes to me for a consultation can get something out of it. I also have the advantage of being an accredited consultant for the KfW bank, so I can offer aided consultation. I know that a lot of creatives, especially the ones that are in the process of starting their own business, don’t necessarily have the financial means to pay for such a consultation in most cases, so it’s a win-win situation.