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May 24, 2016

WANTED: Maker in residence!

Looking to get more hands-on experience in creative design for events? We’re searching for a creative and proactive maker in residence / artist to join our team!


To create a design project for betahaus. You'll be able to improve you skills (or even learn them from scratch) in wood work and interior design. You will be working as part of a team receiving daily guidance throughout.

You'll receive all the benefits of our team, including daily lunches and free access to the Academy courses.


  • Design a timeline for our community, a physical exhibition which represents what betahaus is.
  • Create and build installations for our community (signs, showcases & displays).
  • Develop and maintain the setup of the festival


Duration: 2 months / Part-time from early June to August 10th.

If you would like to apply:

Please, send to an email to olga@betahaus.de including your:

  • CV
  • Portfolio
  • 300 word motivation letter/image (Must contain the 300 words)

Article written by Olga Kusnierska

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