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Christoph Fahle
August 6, 2013

Torstraßen Festival

Great news from our friends @ newthinking. A new awesome thing they are creating is a true Berlin-spirit music festival - Torstraßen Festival. It's already 3ed year they are making this festival happen and certainly it´s gonna rock!Torstraßen Festival is a music festival in their neighborhood and they invite you, people, stores, restaurants, bars, cafés, galleries, launderettes, copy-shops, hotels and offices of Torstraße and beyond to take the festival day as an opportunity to make something happen yourself.

Throw a party, open an exhibition or serve a Torstraße menu!Just make a plan for the 31st of August, let them know and the newthinking team gotta help you spreading the word.

They’re looking forward to your participation!

Contact: team@torstrassenfestial.de

…important: The festival does not imply a special permission for things happening on the street or pavement. Please take care of that yourself, if needed.

More upcoming events and announcements you can find in our beta calendar!