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Jack Henderson
May 20, 2016

Global Coworking: Meet Toolbox (Turin, Italy)

Our coworking community just got a little bigger. Introducing our new partner coworking space in Italy, Toolbox!

About Toolbox Coworking

Toolbox Coworking is a 6,000 square-meter coworking space and creative hub for independent workers in Turin, Italy. It's a hub for IoT & Artificial Intelligence, as well as for social and cultural innovation. Its coworking ecosystem consists of 300+ freelancers, startups, small businesses, makers, and graphic designers.

Photo by Stefano Borghi

Who Works at Toolbox?

Toolbox Coworking is home to a large community of startups creating and coworking in Italy. A few interesting startups who work out of Toolbox are:

Fablab Torino: The first digital fabrication laboratory and maker space in Italy.

Casa Jasmina: A real-world testbed for hacks, experiments, and innovative IoT and digital fabrication projects. 

Print Club Torino: A print and graphic lab to mix new and traditional techniques and experiment with digital and hand-made skills and know-how.

DIGIFABTURING: A research group focused on digital fabrication, robotic automation, and applied materials research in the field of architecture, interaction design, and art.

This hardly scratches of the surface of what Toolbox Coworking has to offer, so we hope you'll stop by next time you're in Turin! Our members can now work for free 5 days each month! Love to roam? Read about our other partner coworking spaces around the world.