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Christoph Fahle
April 24, 2013

This Weekend _ Artisan!

It’s time for making, it’s time for getting to know new technologies and techniques, because it´s Artisan Weekend! Woo-hoo!

We’re teaming up with General Assembly and Esty to bring in the best.

What should you expect?

This weekend kicks off on Friday morning with workshops and lectures to turn you into a lean, mean creator. Textiles, electronics, 3D printing, cardboard, concrete.. we truly tried to bring in as much of crafts and technology as a weekend could squeeze.

One of the workshops we really present top proudly is a Crash Course on Fabric Dyeing. It´s held by a betahaus NY-fellow Shabd who´s simultaneously a world-wide known fabric artist. Her works were featured in Vogue, ELLE and New York Magazine.. well, to make long story short - she´s truly amazing and ready to teach you the holy magic of fabric colouring.

But once you´ll get crafty. After a ws and couple of years of hard practice. ;) .. There will be still a lot you´ll need to know. This part is covered by GA and Etsy who brought in lectures on all the practical business skills which you would need to succeed as an artisan. Well, the lineup of lectures and workshops is pretty packed as always, so to make it easier for you - just SEE IT ALL AT ONCE. 

What else?

But if all kickass workshops aren’t enough to get your engine running, we’re stepping on the gas Saturday night with the Artisan Party !  Our Dj´s (already almost in residence) - Milan Hermess and Lazercat (LIVE, Snuff Trax/Canada) will blow up the dance floor just the way they do it! From 10 pm on we promise DIY sessions from our How Do Fellows and lots of fun all around you.

So join us at any point of the awesome weekend, we´ll be there. ;)


yours betahaus team.

P.S. Oh, by the way, if you wanna learn some deco DIY designs - join us today (Wednesday 7pm) at Open Design City for an arty Pre-Party.  

Entrance free even if you are banana-handed. :)

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