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Alice Nell
July 9, 2013

The Winner is...

The long awaited betapitch| global was a complete success! 15 winners of betapitches all around Europe competed against each other on Saturday, July 6th at our sold out Innospace. The best of the best, or if you like, the Champions League Final of Pitching awaited the audience. As the competitors had high potential, also the rewards were no less spectacular. From a robot that is able to clean solar panels and a software which helps preventing blindness to a platform that provides online-lessons to learn music instruments, most fields of interests were covered.

Author: Frederik v. Mohl

We had swipes (CGN), zenguard (BLN), statace (SOF), solarbrush (BLN), farmhopping (SOF), get2play (HH), diagsum (BCN), bikway (CPG), goeuro (BLN), permondo (HH), preplounge (CGN), reputami (CGN), lionsharp (SOF), getnetworker (VIE), flatout (VIE), on stage. 

betapitch Jury

As you can imagine, the jury had a hard time deciding which team is most suited for what prize because as the competitors had high potential, the rewards were no less spectacular. The decision phase was well used by the guests who found their way down to the BBQ and enjoying the smooth betajam by Jaschar!

After an one hour discussion amongst the jurymembers we announced the winners: Most successful was statace from betahaus | Sofia an online statistical system. The team won 6 month of free space at betahaus | Berlin, 10.000€ cash sponsored by hub:raum and two weeks at the startup mansion blackbox.vc to check out the Silicon Valley.

A one way ticket (!) to the Silicon Valley as well as a 3 month program at plugandplaytechcenter  was given to the E-Learning software for music instruments get2play grown up at betahaus | Hamburg.

The blindness preventing software diagsum will get a wildcard to the next hub:raum accelerator program. Last but not least, mailjet sponsored a trip to Paris to bikway, a startup from Copenhagen that offers an easy and affordable way to plan, test and implement biking infrastructure.

But despite the competition the betapitch| global was a thriving evening with lots of interesting and cool people to meet and share ideas.

We are looking forward to the next round! Stay tuned!

A special thanks goes to Heisenberg Media who took the most awesome pictures!