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Katka Nagyová
November 4, 2019

The Werder Lab: How You Can Transform European Football

Werder Bremen wants to hear your ideas of how smart technology can transform European football. That’s why we at betahausX have launched The Werder Lab - a global startup competition that aims to reimagine the way clubs like Werder work with athletes, fans and partners.

With a valuable place in an incubation program on offer, this is your opportunity not only to collaborate with one of Europe’s highest ranked teams, but also to transform the spectacle of football through digital innovation. Here's more on the challenge and how to apply! 

Aims of The Werder Lab

Football is at the core of European culture. In Germany alone, around 7.1 million people are members of football clubs, and in the last ten years German professional football has grown 8.6% year on year. The interest is there, and the potential for growth is still huge. 

American sport has led the way in converting sports data into innovation. The data revolution began in the 80s, when the Oakland Athletics baseball team using in-game stats to identify undervalued players. Today 3D camera technology combined with digital wristbands in basketball is optimising player utilisation, while RFID player tracking is being used to provide the NFL with ‘Next Gen Stats’ on movement and alignment.

Werder Bremen aims to bring this spirit of digital innovation to European football. They believe that technological transformation is at the core of building the perfect team, keeping teams on top form, and enhancing their performance.

The Werder Lab is an opportunity for the smartest solutions from around the world to improve understanding and procedures around talent prediction, injury prevention, digital content management, and partner relationships.

About the Competition

Ten startups and teams with ideas they believe have the potential to revolutionise how football is played and managed will be invited to showcase their concepts. They’ll do so in front of a panel of experts representing Werder Bremen on 6th March, at betahaus | Berlin. 

The three solutions which impress the panel the most will land a place on a 60 day incubation program. During the program, they will collaborate with Werder Bremen and betahausX to bring their concepts to life.

How Your Team Benefits

The incubation program not only offers free workspace at betahaus | Berlin, and mentoring by industry experts from Werder Bremen and betahausX, but also exclusive access to data from professional players and football clubs. The real life sports environment will allow you to put your products to the acid test.

Another advantage for the winners will be gaining exposure and market access through the club’s marketing channels, access to a global network of Werder Bremen top management, and to the global betahaus startup community. You do not need to be based in Bremen or Berlin for the duration of the program.

Your ideas will not disappear into an innovation vacuum, but enjoy real impact with the help of one of Germany’s largest sports clubs. This is a chance to improve the quality of football across Europe.

Working with Werder Bremen and betahausX

During the incubation program, the winning teams will have the opportunity to work closely with football, data and business experts from both Werder Bremen and betahausX. 

Collaborating with Werder Bremen means exposure to leaders from one of Europe’s most successful teams: Bundesliga founders, four-time German Champions, six-time German Cup winners, and one-time European Winner’s Cup holders. There are few people able to teach you more about running a football team. 

Working with betahausX means having the backing of one of Europe’s most effective startup incubators. We’ll ensure that you’re able to fully realise your ideas by proving the space, mentorship and support to transform your concepts into winning solutions. 

How to Enter The Werder Lab Competition

If you think your startup or team has a concept which has the potential to revolutionise football, apply here. The ten finalists will be announced on 19th February 2020.

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