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Alice Nell
October 22, 2015

Team building in Albania

A couple of weeks ago we were in Tirana, the capital of Albania, for our betahaus camp. The two questions we got upon arrival back home were: ‘Why Tirana?’ and ‘I saw lots of fun-photos, what did you actually do there?’ Let our CEO's Max, Madeleine and Christoph answer them for you.


Why we went to Albania (and not to something more obvious, like Barcelona)?

Max says that "Albania is the country in Europe with the youngest population. It has an inspiring cultural heritage, which is a unique combination of Orient and Occident. In Tirana there’s a good vibe and there’s a spirit all around that gives you the feeling something big could happen soon."


Also, we will probably be opening a new betahaus in this beautiful space!


Madeleine explains that we “Usually meet once a year with all the local teams for a "betahaus | Summit" where we work on our global milestones. Such summits are always very intense and packed with work sessions. In 2015 our Berlin team grew in highspeed and betahaus | Hamburg welcomed two new CEO’s. For both reasons we felt the need for some off-time. Time for everyone to get to know each other a bit better on a personal level. So we decided to spend three days of doing fun things and add a few inspiring talks on the side!”


And Christoph tops it:

“Whenever we do those getaways with our betahaus teams I realise that spending quality time with each other is one of the most important things we have to do as company and as a team. We need it to work together well and to be good hosts to our members. Of course we do some formal things, like workshops and keynotes, but the things that happen before and after have much more impact. Getting to know each other, having meaningful conversations and learning of each other’s dreams and fears is what’s making us a good team. Then when we get back home, there is a slight increase in smiles and heaps of new stories to refer to in our day-to-day jobs. It makes things much more easygoing and joyful. Ultimately I believe we should take on tour the whole betahaus community with us.”


Long story short: We had a blast and can't wait for next year's betahaus camp. Want to share your team building experiences and beliefs with the betahaus community? Let us know! We'd love to hear from you.

Want to get to know your betahaus coworkers and our betahaus | Berlin team a bit better? Let's meet at our betabeer upcoming Thursday, October 29th, 6 to 9 pm (members only). We'll all be there, because we're planning to celebrate the opening of our 2nd floor! Ideas for an afterparty are very welcome (shoot us an e-mail). Hope to see you there!


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