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Christoph Fahle
September 7, 2010

“Talk to me about: Why every creative city needs a FabLab?”

21t century’s metropoles are full of creative workers that produce not only with their heads but also with their hands. Innovation needs a place where it can be tested and an inspiring environment where it can flourish. It can develop in a backyard, a garage, in the total isolation of one’s kitchen or linvingroom. But the missing intersection point between people, ideas and tools that belong together is still missing. So we were wondering? Shouldn't every city that claims to be a creative metropole provide their citizens with fully interconnected and equipped spaces where they can network and get their stuff done?

Looking at it on a global scale it makes even more sense because it enables people to design global and produce local. In order to be capable of competing on a global economic-political scale smart modern cities not only need to encourage the innovative avant-garde to choose them as a place to live and work in.  They should also aim having an explicit  voice concerning an ecological and sustainable commodity chain.

betahaus| as an incubator for creative industries would like to dig deeper into this topic and invites decision makers and actors from Lisbon, Amsterdam and Berlin to debate on the 16th of September in Berlin on why every creative city needs FabLabs- because the 'if' is not a question anymore.

About the coworking week:

The Coworking Week is a ‘Coworking Festival’, taking place from September 13th-September 19th simultaneously in various German cities.The aim is to give people an insight into the topic of Coworking and mobile and flexible working places. During this period we encourage people all over Germany to leave their typical office and try out mobile working in Coworking Spaces, Wi-Fi cafes, parks or open offices.The local activities are organised by local initiatives and coworking spaces. The formats may vary between thematic events and workshops, open door, lectures and talks.