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Jack Henderson
December 15, 2016

Studio Bali is growing! They’re on the lookout for a bigger workshop

So, we decided to help them out by spreading the word! Their requirements? A minimum space of 150 square meters that’s warm, dry, and noise proof – because with their work it will definitely get loud! If you own, or know of a great space that is available you’ll earn a lot of karma for letting them know!

Although, you might want to know a bit more about them first. So, who are these guys and what do they do? They’re creative crafts collective Studio Bali! Made up of Tom Spoorendonk (Rebel & Sons), Jonas Klock, (Accidental Concrete), and Alexander Spiliopoulos. The trio boast experience within the fields of architecture, product design and craftsmanship. Based on this, they have the strength to run projects through all phases of design and development and implementation. Over the past year they’ve built some really unique pieces:.

Such as the bar and the concrete sinks for the Adidas Runbase



And, Le Bon in Kreuzberg!



Now, the team are working on the new Workshop space of Design Thinking Agency – Dark Horse



Studio Bali’s past projects cover a wide range of disciplines from spacial interior solutions for private public and commercial clients, to work on furniture design and custom details. We can’t wait to tell you more about it, so stay tuned! In a few weeks time we’ll be publishing an interview getting to know the real Studio Bali. In the meantime, again: if you know of a suitable space or have a suggestion, please help them out by letting them know about it. 

If you want to join them and become a member at betahaus, click here!