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Christoph Fahle
July 29, 2013

Startup of the Week: Thought of You

What is it?

Do you know that moment when you see something, hear a song or when you are at a certain locationand instantly think of someone? With Thought of You, an iPhone app (Android coming soon), you sendthese spontaneous thoughts to friends & family, by sending a photo, iTunes song preview, YouTubevideo or text. A thought really can be anything. The underlying message is always: “Check this out,this made me think of you…” A nice detail is that when you receive a thought, the push notificationon your phone screen reads - e.g. “Sally Thought of You”. The same way you show your friends whatmade you think of them, you discover what they associate with you. Over time, a truly uniquecollection of what connects you with friends & family emerges.


We want to trigger fun and meaningful communication and avoid that the “Thought of You moments”, as we call them, drown in our busy everyday lives. Also, we aim to offer the best solution to let you see at a glance what really connects you with friends & family - so you can also think of Thought of You as a diary, scrapbook or a photo album which automatically grows over time.

What are your plans with it?

Being in beta stage, the next step is a first proof of concept. To achieve that, we are working ongrowing the user base and to offer the Android version as quickly as we can. Meanwhile we arecontinuously improving the product and see how we can evolve. We therefore invite everyone to giveit a try and see if Thought of You works for him/her.

What were the challenges you’ve gone through?

Setting up a powerful team certainly has been the biggest obstacle. People are the main asset whenyou build something new. But also deciding on how to make best use of your resources (mainly timeand money) has been very challenging.

How does your team like working from betahaus?

At first, we were two people working on Thought of You full time, having external consultants andprogrammers. The team then grew step by step and in our case, betahaus has been proving to be theideal place for that process. We believe it to be also to be the right fit for the next steps tocome. It is a great place to work as it combines all necessary features of a modern workplace. Youcan focus on your job, meet like-minded people and have fun.

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Toni: Honestly, we have skillsets that you don’t usually find in developers. Because we've had lives that were not just about computer science. I think to some extent this is what makes us different. 

Martin: I believe one of the reasons why people pick us over other studios is because it can be very hard working with developers. If you’re not understanding their work, if the communication is not flowing, you, as a client can feel lost. We're easy to communicate with and we’re always open to feedback and we're open to discuss anything. In the end, after all iterations, if you say we need to start the website from scratch and that you don’t like the idea, we won’t take it personally. 

Alex: Also, I think, since we all work as coding teachers, we are officially qualified to explain what coding is to people who don't code, which is actually really rare because a lot of developers, as Martin says, don't want to, or literally just don't know how to articulate what they're doing. Whereas we are trained in articulating what it is that we're doing, why it's meaningful and why it takes a certain amount of time.

Photo by Lea GK

Alex: Zimt & Mehl - the Turkish bakery around the corner. It’s just soo good.

Martin: Oh, there is this Italian restaurant called Ristorante del Arte

Tony: Oh, my God, this place is so funny. It looks like a pretty average Italian restaurant, but the whole interior design inside is just decorated in such a weird way. The entire place is covered in frescoes. They have crystal chandeliers and Easter bunnies. Some Greek columns. It has a different name on the menu, on the side and on the Internet. And it was an ex-shoe-store.

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