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Christoph Fahle
September 2, 2013

Startup of the Week: My Boo

Maximilian (22) and Jonas (21) are two Business Administration students from Kiel. Wait… That is not what this interview was supposed to be about. Let’s try again: Maximilian and Jonas are two young entrepreneurs who sell unique bicycles with frames handmade of bamboo; each is one of a kind. Combining social and ecological aspects with a cool product is what they do. (It’s true though, they also study Business Administration)

What is My Boo exactly?

My Boo sells bamboo Bicycles that are made in and come from Ghana. They are built there by Ghanaian workers who are being paid a very fair price for their work and the bamboo. As you see it’s not only about making awesome bikes. We also want to help the people in Ghana by including them into our project. In addition to that, for each sold bike we finance a one year scholarship to a kid in Ghana.

Why do you use bamboo for the frames?

Bamboo is suited perfectly to be used as a bicycle frame. It is a very quickly growing plant – in fact the fastest in the world - which makes its ecological sustainability very interesting. After a couple of months a bamboo plant reaches its maximum size and after 3 years the stem is perfectly hardened for our use. Also, making bicycles out of bamboo doesn’t produce any CO2, unlike common material used in other bike frames. Of course, bike frames made out of bamboo simply look kind of awesome.

How important was it for you to include social and ecological sustainability into your company?

From the beginning on it was our dream to combine our work with social engagement. You also have to make sure that you treat every party equally so that everyone profits from the product and shares the same kind of passion. This is a really important step in order to build up a personal connection with your product / startup. Also, to know that through this project we can make sure that kids in Ghana can go to school is just a great feeling.


What are the next steps for you?

We will start with distribution in October. Until then we have a couple of things to do. We will fly to Ghana once more in September to gather all the equipment to also produce different sizes. In the end of September the first bikes will come out of the serial production and after being tested by an institute we will start distributing. However, we already accept orders and we can see that there are a lot of people interested.

Although a boobike costs around 2000 EUR, which isn’t what you would call cheap…

Well, it is a really good bike with high quality components that would always cost at least 1500 EUR. Because people really like the social and ecological aspect behind it, they are willing to pay more for a bike like this. Given the bike its unique handmade bamboo frame, every product we sell is one of a kind and not just one of model AB by brand X.

What are your plans with My Boo as you are still really young?

At the moment we put every effort into the project day by day as it is a fulltime job now, which wasn’t really expected at the start. Nonetheless, we are happy about how everything turned out so far and would be very glad if we can continue with My Boo as long as possible. It is true that we are still pretty young but we have already learned a lot in the process of our project.

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