Christoph Fahle
September 16, 2013

Startup of the week: deMIFI

Jeremy, Moji and Ali just moved to betahaus. The international or “multikulti” team, as Germans would put it is working on their startup “deMIFI”. They have travelled a long way just to help us out of a misery. We present to you: The saviors of German WIFI. Let’s thank them in advance.

Hi Jeremy, what’s your product deMIFI all about?

We provide portable WIFI hotspots that you can just carry around in your pocket. Everyone who comes to Germany to visit knows the WIFI problem over here. It is always such a mess trying to find the right SIM card or even cafés with WIFI connection. Due to unrealistic pricing, using data roaming is no option; you end up paying more on that than on the whole stay. Seeing that there is this need we decided to look for a solution. That’s what our portable internet devices are: they’re actually smaller than your mobile phone and they always provide you with an internet connection.


How can people get them?

Right now we provide them on the web but that isn’t the ideal way for people to get them. The whole beauty of it for travellers would be getting them in vending machines at the airport / train station or elsewhere and you only need to put in your EC card and decide about the capacity you need for how many days. That is exactly what we are bringing to life at the moment. At the end of your stay you can just give the devices back. It’s as simple as that.

Does something like this already exist?

Yes, there are a few providers that offer a product like this but not in the practical way that we are aiming at. For example, some offer a device like this for more than 250 Euros and you have to pay a monthly fee to keep it going and a daily fee when you want to use it. That’ is not what you call practical, right? Ours are rented for 2,99€ per 100MB and 3,99€ for 200MB and for 500MB it’s 6,99€ (a day). In addition, nobody is renting them out at those places as we want to.

Why did you start it in Germany as you are all not from here, right?

Yes, that’s right. I am from the US and the two co-founders are both from Iran. Germany is one of the hardest markets for any new telecom startup to enter so we thought that this is a good place to start because if we can make it in Germany we can make it anywhere. Also, every traveller coming to Germany has the same internet issues and there is no practical and cheap solution to it. (So far)

Where are you in the process right now?

 We just opened our online store for customers a week and a half ago. We weren’t able to do any advertising yet due to our move to betahaus but we already have quite a few orders. People were probably googling the problem and therefore found our website; this shows us that we are in the right timing with this. So our next steps will be getting the vending machines rolling to make it easier for everyone to have access to these awesome devices.

Want to work with us? Follow this link to become a part of the community! 


Well, both. Currently we offer the following two options: shorter publicly available Brand Playlists and long-form private Soundtracks for spaces. For both of them we work closely with the client to understand how sound fits into their brand DNA and what their audience is like.

We believe that the guests’ experience with a particular space doesn’t have to begin and end with their stay. The idea of the Brand Playlist is to be a public brand playlists designed to engage the customers before, during, and after their visit at a space. It’s always accessible for them and serves as a new, dynamic marketing channel.

The Soundtrack is slightly different. It takes sometimes up to weeks of work and is designed by a world-class artist, DJ, or tastemaker. For it we first work with you to develop a deep understanding of your business and style. Then we match you with the perfect artist, DJ, or tastemaker to create unique, always fresh playlists, custom tailored to match your brand. 

In both cases, we update them regularly based on guest habits and clients’ needs. 

People in beta Clay Bassford Bespoke Sound

The way we engage with the music community is something really important for us and honestly, what makes us different than other background music providers. A lot of the background music providers out there have internal teams of maybe five or six DJs that do all of the music for their clients. We aim to connect with the local scene and always work with local DJs. There's some kind of magic in finding the exact right artists for the brand.

And on the flip side of it, when we hire artists, we make sure that the project is also inspiring for them and that they would be interested in participating. We always make sure to pay them well. The whole project creates for them a new income stream that they wouldn't have otherwise.

People in beta Clay Bassford Bespoke Sound

Yes! This was really fun. The objective with the betahaus "betabeer sounds" playlist was to showcase the community side of betahaus. There are so many cool, interesting people in the betahaus community and we thought a playlist could be a perfect way to not only help bring the community together but also show the diverse funkiness of the communities of Berlin and Neukölln, which is why Hazy Pockets, a longtime local Berlin DJ known for his eclectic mixes, was perfect for this project.

This playlist moves from bluesy 60s rock into surf and tropicalia, picking up momentum into Motown and onwards through some laid back disco tunes. Perfect for the betabeer events betahaus hosts monthly!


Oh, there are just so many! Like the Imren Grill for instance where you can find the best homemade Turkish food or Das Gift and Gordon which are both run by great music people. Kohelenquelle in Prenzleuer Berg is my favorite local bar (or rather kneipe). To satisfy my  techno / electronic records needs I always go to Hard Wax and one of my most special places is the Zions Kirche steeple, which has an awesome view of the city and a great Weinerei close by. 

You can see me around betahaus. Online, you can always check out my website and listen to our public playlists on Spotify. We’re also currently working on a collaboration with betahaus, so a special Playlist curated by is will very soon sound around the spaces in Kreuzberg and Neukölln. 


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