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Christoph Fahle
October 10, 2011

startup of the week - #13: greatcontent

betahaus: What and who is hidden behind greatcontent?

Jasper: greatcontent is an online platform for the creation of small texts (100-350 words), which are often used in the areas of online marketing and advertisement but don’t have to. This works as follows. Who ever wants one or maybe a thousand texts places a short briefing on our platform. Our text writers will then process the order immediately. greatcontent will start working on beta at the end of October already with a large number of writers from Europe. Our team consists of Jean and Selim from France, Peggy from the Netherlands, Monika from Poland, Javier from Spain, and me, Jasper as the founder. We want this great diverse team with a great spirit helping everyone to be happy using our platforms.

How did your idea develop?

I have been working in a permanent position for a long time. After a while I realized that this wasn’t quite what I wanted and I started helping others with their ideas. Fortunately, one of my business partners approached me with the idea of taking his business model of content.de to an international level. He came up with the idea of content.de while using other text creation services and being dissatisfied with quality and efficiency. As the services did not improve their quality levels and did not react on feedback he decided to start his own business.

How do you advertise your start-up?

I can only speak for content.de here, but actually we don’t really. For authors we have done some little ads on typical forums and we have had one bigger one online for one month but decided that this is too expensive. A trade fair like the DMEXCO or OMCAP are better spots to talk directly to our B2B clients. But in the end we are quite happy that 90% is still word-of-mouth advertisement because of high customer satisfaction.

What are your future plans?

We will start on beta in a few weeks with close friends and costumers. In November we want to recruit even more writers so we can start end of 2011 with France and the Netherlands. Next year Western and Eastern Europe will be in the focus.

Why have you started working at betahaus?

I know this has been said quite a few times but came here because it’s more flexible than every other office. This is highly important for start-ups because they are always in a kind of developmental status. I came to Berlin because sooner or later I want to grow international and there’s no better place to do so than Berlin at the moment. Also the culture in here is great. Without this spirit it I wouldn’t have been able to do something I’ve been doing since I started developing ideas myself, Intercommunication with like-mindeds.

What is not to your satisfaction?

The Printer should be more easy to access for Windows and if you don’t do something about the low desks some tall founders like me will be leaving betahaus with a back disease (laughs).

Click here for more information about greatcontent.