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Team Room
Christoph Fahle
July 11, 2011

Startup Of The Week - #1: Coffee Circle

On 27 April, we're throwing a big birthday to celebrate our 10 years in beta and shape a utopian future together with our community. Wondering what UtopiaX means, what you'll find in the Zen Zone and which artists are exhibiting in the The Basement? Here's what we've got lined up for you at our 10 Years in beta party!

Startup Of The Week: Der Name erklärt sich von selbst. Wir wollen Euch von heute an jede Woche kurz eines der tollen, jungen Unternehmen vorstellen, die derzeit im betahaus ihr Unwesen treiben. Den Anfang macht der Coffee Circle:

betahaus: Was macht ihr hier?

Martin von Coffee Circle: "Wir verkaufen ausgewählte Gourmetkaffees von äthiopischen Kleinbauern und finanzieren mit einem Teil der Erlöse Hilfesprojekte vor Ort, die das Leben der Bauern und ihrer Familien verbessern."

Warum entscheiden sich ehemalige Berater von Roland Berger ausgerechnet für das betahaus als Arbeitsplatz?

Ganz einfach: Wir profitieren nicht nur vom Netzwerk und den vielfältigen Kompetenzen hier im Haus, sondern können uns auch - ganz unkompliziert - mit anderen Startups austauschen.

Woran mangelt es im betahaus noch?

An einem Basketballkorb im Hinterhof!

Habt ihr ein Vorbild-Startup?

Wir haben keine Vorbilder - wir sind Vorreiter (lacht)

Der betahaus-Fahrstuhl diente früher ausschließlich dem Lastentransport und fällt heute durch seine Sturköpfigkeit auf. Hattet Ihr schon ein besonders prägendes Fahrstuhlerlebnis?

Katrin von Coffee Circle: Ich bin neulich im Fahrstuhl stecken geblieben - ausgerechnet im Keller. Weil niemand auf meine Klopfzeichen reagierte, drückte ich den Alarmknopf - nach 10 Minuten meldete sich endlich jemand und wenig später war ich wieder draußen. Seitdem ist meine Beziehung zum Fahrstuhl ziemlich innig (lacht).

Hier findet Ihr mehr über Coffee Circle:

  • Coffee Circle im Web
  • Coffee Circle auf Facebook
  • Coffee Circle auf Twitter

Den leckeren Kaffee vom Coffee Circle kann man übrigens auch im betahaus kaufen und genießen!


From 8pm on, we'll open The Club where the DJ booth and the dance floor will turn into our playground. We've invited hip hop and pole dancers to open the dance floor and have a friends-only crazy-cool lineup planned for the night. We'll be mixing botanical cocktails with Fritz Cola and inviting you into our Photo Booth Room so you can take home some silly photos from the night. In The Club, you will also find The Balloon Room and The Zen Zone which will be our chill spot for the night. Check out the timeline in The Club and learn more about The Zen Zone below.

The Club
20:00 - 22:00 Dj Niggo
21:00 - 22:00 Hip-Hop Dancers
22:00 - 22.30 AinTheMachine
23:00 - 01:00: Michal Vagner
01:00 - 03:00: Asia

The Zen Zone
(to be announced): Cacao Experience with Moruga Cacao
19:00 - 21:00: Tea Ceremony with Thirsty Moon

Make sure to join our Facebook Event and RSVP on Eventbrite, so we can put your name into our Happiness Jar. This birthday bash is all about our community, and together with our partners we've prepared a special Prize Draw.

Throughout the whole night, you will find the rooms of The Basement filled with art pieces from our favorite Berlin-based creatives. From illustrations to paintings to wooden sculptures and installations - we've made sure to host an inclusive Berlin-like mix of all things art. Let us introduce to you to some of the artists, who you will meet down in The Basement:

Have you met .. the Softblobs? Since moving back to Berlin from the US, Gesine Krätzner has been making strange creatures out of fabric that she calls Softblobs. They are cute, random, and they'll be waiting in The Basement if you want to try playing around with them.

From toys made of fabric, we’re moving onto wooden sculptures. Matt Danko knows how to bring wood to life and does it amazingly in his free time. In The Basement, he’ll show his latest furniture pieces and sculptures.

In the same room as Matt, you’ll find Lisa Büscher, who has prepared for us a hyper realistic sculpture presentation that gives it the touch of the extreme, surrealistic and absurd. She de- and reconstructs and reorganizes human bodies like Utopia does society.

In our Photo & Video room you will find works from Collette Pomerleau and Ocean.Now.

Colette is a Berlin-based creative working in photography, art direction and set design. Through her visuals she explores intimacy and anonymity. The space that falls somewhere in between.

Ocean. Now! is a collective that accelerates ocean protection. They work with different types of art to motivate our society to protect the Ocean -Now!

In the early afternoon, based in The Garden, you’ll meet Amaury BOUQUET. He’s a Berlin-based French artist from Saint Maur des Fossés, who has a background in social innovation and loves to play with symbols in his works. At 10 Years in beta, he’ll do his special Humanist Tarot readings from 4-6pm.

Parallel to him, also in The Garden, Sebastian Olivares will be painting live a special Mandala created for betahaus. Sebastian is a Berlin-based visual artist who specializes in painting mandala murals and has painted murals in Germany, Chile, Australia and Thailand.

Throughout the day ilan katin will be putting the party vibes onto a mural, specially created for betahaus. He's a Neukölln-based artist with experience in visual work, both static and performative, graphic design, illustration, comics, installations, animation and live video.

We think this one speaks for itself. If you need a little glitz or glitter to get you into the party spirit, come early and we'll do the rest.

Last, but not least, special thanks to our lovely partners who are helping us making this event happen.
Pilsner Urquell and Fritz Cola for the drinks, Emmy, Drivy, FrameRight, CoffeeCircle, Dream Facilitation, Moruga and BioWine for supporting our Prize Draw and our media partners from Silicon Allee, ASK HELMUT, Creative City Berlin and TechCode.

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