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Alice Nell
September 22, 2015

Startup of the Month | Urban Sports Club

It's been a while since we highlighted a startup of the week, so it's about time we restore the habit! This week we'd like to introduce you to one of the healthiest startups based in betahaus | Berlin. You might have heard of them, you might have even joined their club... It's Urban Sports Club!

The startup is spicing up your workout by offering one all-inclusive sports membership, with which you can take part in various sports clubs and programs around the city. As a member of their club you can pick, mix and combine sports as you like; from football to basketball, from yoga to swimming. You can even use their pass to get your desired dosis of wellness and sauna. With over 200 sports partners and more than 30 types of sports, there's something for everyone. What an idea! We were interested to hear a bit more behind-the-scenes stories, so we asked Urban Sports Club founders Moritz Kreppel and Benjamin Roth some questions...

How long have you been at betahaus and what has happened since you got here?

We once heard about betahaus and decided to drop by for a coffee - and that was 2.5 years ago. When we walked in we immediately knew it would become the place where we would try to establish our business. It was at betahaus where we developed our network and took our first steps. We chose to stay long-term, not only because it offers all office amenities but also because of the “you can make it happen”-atmosphere. We've found friends and like-minded entrepreneurs here who inspire us and help us to get to the next level. After being here for such a long time, we can only emphasise what an incredible job Madeleine, Christoph, Max and the rest of the Betahaus team have done in creating this amazing space! And through our community connections, we've of course taken on some Urban Sports members.

What are your most important to-dos at the moment?

On October 1st we launched Urban Sports Club in Potsdam, so that has been a main focus. Other than that, we're always driving our growth by reaching out to new cities, and by continuously growing our number of partnerships in the cities we're already in.

Which cities are you in and which one are you planning to conquer?

We have always dreamed of offering our services not only in Berlin but in other cities as well. Therefore, in July we started in Hamburg, in August we expanded to Munich, and last Thursday (October 1st) we launched Urban Sports Club in Potsdam. Obviously we won’t stop there but will continue expanding to Germany’s major cities.

So are you only focusing on Germany?

No, quite the contrary. We believe that Urban Sports is a concept that fits well in most larger cities - whether in Germany or abroad. But when and where exactly we will be expanding to is not public yet.

Who’s on the team?

After three years of hard work, our team has grown from us two founders to a team of twelve like-minded people, from customer support to partner acquisition. Our team is the main driving force of our success which is why we attach a lot of importance to hiring new employees.

We heard there's a discount to join Urban Sports Club if you're a betahaus member! Tell us more please!

Absolutely! We’ve benefited so much from the Betahaus community and really want to give something back. So we offer more than 15% discount on our regular membership for all Betahaus members - wether in Berlin or Hamburg. If you’re interested just go on the Betahaus landing page HERE and sign up.


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