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April 6, 2016

Startup Investment: Insights from 2015

The startup scene is booming - what else is new! Billions get invested into young companies each year, mainly through Venture Capital. But what gets spent exactly, and where does the money go? At the end of last year, EY published an insightful research report listing all the numbers and summing up what happened in 2015. Maybe that information is valuable for what we’re doing in 2016? We’ll give you a byte-sized lowdown.

Berlin is raking it in

In 2015, a total of 371 companies in Germany received Venture Capital. There were 205 new financing rounds in 2015, up by 85 % compared to 2014. Every second of those investments went to startups from Berlin. What does that mean in cold hard cash? Consider this: Over 3 billion Euros were spent on startups in Germany, of which 2.1 billion went to the scene in Berlin. Counting pennies, that’s a whopping 70% of all investments for the “poor” but sexy capital! Sorry, Paris, but all the love is up in here!

Which startups in Germany got the money?

The Top 5 VC-Recipients in Germany 2015 were Delivery Hero, Kreditech, Zencap (now Funding Circle), Food Panda and HelloFresh, in that order.

Let’s talk about Europe

Almost 12 billion Euro were poured into a total of 1433 investments in Europe in 2015. Of these, Germany gathered up 406. Hard facts comparing investments across European cities? Here’s the top seven:

  1. Berlin............2.145....(205)
  2. London.........1.773....(132)
  3. Stockholm.......992......(25)
  4. Paris................687......(94)
  5. Hamburg.........296......(28)
  6. Munich............206......(53)
  7. Zurich..............135......(24)

Investment amounts in million Euro (in brackets: number of financing rounds)

Which industries got all that money?

58% (ca. 1.8 bn €) of the total investment volume went to Consumer Services & Online Trade, followed by Finance Services & FinTech (ca. 600 m €). In million Euro:




Investment amounts in million Euro (in brackets: number of financing rounds)


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Article written by Robin