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Christoph Fahle
July 2, 2012

Startup of the Week: Einfach

einFach is a start-up founded by Nicolai Prüsmann and Anthony Forsans developing the first Drop Box for physical things. The company sets up a new kind of locker where users can drop off and pick up items within their daily routine. einFach can be used to drop off clothes for dry cleaning, pick up mail orders, store or share things with other people independent of opening hours. Lockers can be transparent to act as micro shop windows for the promotion of industrial or handmade, new or second hand goods. At ein-fach.de users book services and buy products offered via the lockers or rent empty lockers for their individual purpose. From today on you can start using the first einFach locker at the betahaus café. To learn more about einFach, read the interview below! einFach will be our guest at betabreakfast on Thursday, the 19th of July.

How did you come up with the idea of einFach?

While working as consultants we spent a lot of time taking our business shirts to the dry cleaning store. We were travelling a lot and when we came back home it was always closed. That's where our initial idea came from: Which could be the best possibility to drop and pick up your shirts for dry cleaning? The solution was simple, or as you say in German: einfach! What we needed to drop off and pick up our shirts 24/7 was a locker or in German: ein Fach. Once we started to think about other use cases we realized that there is unlimited possibilities for einFach: Picking up mail orders, buying a last minute birthday present, sharing a drilling mashine with your friend…you name it!

einFach cover

Nowadays there are so many online shops. How do you promote einFach, and what makes einFach unique?

Our website is actually not a traditional online shop where you can order products. On ein-fach.de you buy the code to access the products and services in our lockers.This makes einFach much more direct, flexible and opens up whole new possibilities for the distribution of things. Our main idea is to integrate einFach in your daily life.The first time we presented einFach was on the 3rd of May at betapitch. Currently we are cooperating with the ODC (Open Design City). Together we are running the project Build or Buy.

Who is the target group for your product?  

einFach lockerOur target group is busy, young, has a strong need for flexibility and likes to maximize his free time by optimizing the daily routine. But the target group also depends on the location of each locker. Betahaus is a good example: our clients are co-workes and we will offer products that fit the needs of co-workers. If we place the locker in the fitness-center, there will be clients with needs in the field of sports. einFach is a universal system that can be used in a very specific way.

For how long have you been member of the betahaus? What made you decide to start work from betahaus and how has working at a co-working space affected your work?  

We are in the betahaus since December. Before betahaus we were in another co-working space near the Hermannplatz. But we were looking for a space where we could build our prototype. Through a bunch of people we found out for betahaus. We really like the combination between co-working space and the creative space ODC. Our prototype is not just about programming, but also has to be physically build. ODC enables us to realize the prototype of our lockers there. That’s why it is the perfect place for us. We can use the tools, machines, materials. You can also get the advice and help from other people there. 

What are the future plans for einFach?  

We will build up the einFach network by placing lockers first across Berlin. Locations will be gyms, supermarkets, train stations, video stores and so on. Currently we are looking for investors and partners who share our vision. We are also searching for collaborations at betahaus. Everyone is welcome to join us!

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