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Taylor Record
February 12, 2018

A Complete Guide to Tech Events Happening in Berlin this Spring

You don’t have to live in Berlin for long to realize the tech scene in Berlin is flourishing. A quick search on Eventbrite, Facebook, or Meetup will yield dozens of events spanning across interest and industry — and that’s just Monday. So, how do you go about sifting through them all?

We’ve been involved in the startup scene in Berlin for a while now. We have sat through more Meetups and tech events in Berlin than we’d dare to count, but it means we know a good one when we see one. Everyone knows Tech Open Air takes over Berlin in June, but what about those other months? Don't you want to check out some spring tech events in Berlin for 2018 in the meantime? We thought so. Here are the blockchain conferences and tech fairs, and tech events in Berlin you can’t miss.


Blockstack Berlin: A Signature Fund Event

When: March 2nd, 2018

About Blockstack Berlin: Blockchain is perhaps the most talked about topic in tech this year. If you’re still trying to navigate the finer details of blockchain, Blockstack is where you should be this March.  The event will be taking over Axica Convention Center and featuring experts in data privacy, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and digital activism. You can even expect a keynote by leading advocate for individual privacy, Edward Snowden. The conference will be packed with presentations, panels, and a hackathon, giving you the chance to reimagine, create, and watch live demonstrations of decentralized apps being developed on the Blockstack framework. // TICKETS FROM €230

Why You Should Be There: Blockstack chose Berlin because it's a major hub for digital activism, cryptocurrency, and hacker culture. The bitcoin market is rapidly gaining legitimacy (there’s even a bitcoin bar in Berlin now!) and smart contracts are nudging their way into the mainstream. Go to educate yourself before blockchain fully reinvents the way we handle many of our daily transactions.


Crypto Conference: The International Crypto Community in Europe

When: April 5th - April 6th, 2018

About Crypto Conference: Speaking of cryptocurrency, the C3: Crypto Conference will be taking place in Berlin at the start of April. Their conference will feature 30 international speakers and industry experts talking about ICO’s and token sales, crypto marketing, and token design. Perhaps most interesting will be the expert keynotes on infrastructure, trading & investing, supply chain, mining, commerce & advertising. // TICKETS FROM €29

Why You Should Be There: Haven’t bought bitcoin yet? Join one of their workshops on how to trade cryptocurrencies and understand advanced trading and investment strategies.

Corporate Incubation & Acceleration Summit 2018

When: April 10th - April 11th, 2018

About Corportate Incubation & Acceleration Summit: COINAAC is the leading summit in Europe for corporate incubation and acceleration. This Berlin spring tech event will cover topics ranging from the importance of equity to international expansion and accelerator networks. The summit provides matchmaking opportunities as well as a platform for both experienced program leaders and established companies from across Europe to discuss the future of incubators and accelerators. // TICKETS FROM €399

Why You Should Be There: More than 200 program heads and innovation from around Europe will be in one place. Your startup can apply for speed dating!


CUBE Tech Fair 2018

When: May 15th - May 16th, 2018

About Cube Tech Fair: In 2017, CUBE Tech Fair brought together more than 250 deep-tech startups from around the world and organized panels with some of the biggest innovators in tech. We expect 2018 to be no different. Mid-May, CUBE has invited the world’s best B2B tech startups, corporate partners and key influencers to empower digital transformation and forge the future of industry 4.0. Through strategic matchmaking, they will pair tech startups with corporate partners and implement projects that take us deeper into our fourth industrial revolution.  // TICKETS FROM €199

Why You Should Be There: As computers and automation collaborate in new ways, production will become more efficient, more competitive, and more traceable. Check out the exhibitors for an early look at what’s about to go big in the IoT space.

Rise of AI Conference 2018

When: May 17th, 2018

Why You Should Be There: We’re getting closer to advanced Artificial Intelligence than ever. Don't get left behind!

For the 4th year in a row, the Rise of AI Conference will be coming to Berlin with one killer lineup. The lineup for speakers looks excellent with big names like Chris Boos, the CEO of Argos and Irakli Beridze from the United Nations programme for Artificial Intelligence. You can also join in for talks on the implications of advances in AI on ethics, security, and humanity as a whole. // TICKETS FROM €740

We've partnered with Blockstack Berlin to bring you this roundup of Berlin tech events for spring. Hop over to the Blockstack website for the full program lineup, discussion topics, and a video!

Well, those are our picks for spring tech events in Berlin for 2018. Which events caught your attention? Any events you think we missed? And while you're here, be sure to check out all the Startup Events going down at betahaus this spring.