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Christoph Fahle
September 9, 2013

Special Deal for betahaus Members: Citeecar

Hey betahaus friends, here comes a short reminder that you have access to the best carsharing deal in the town! Our friends from citeecar let you drive the cars almost for free! Here comes the awesome deal:

100% discount on the citeecar membership fee for one year and no time charges at workdays 9am - 5pm! You only have to pay some change for the km (gas included)!

Does that mean you can make a trip to Müggelsee or to Ikea just for 10€? Yes! You can get your membership card activated right at the betahaus | reception.

Here’s the process how to get it:

1)    Join CiteeCar on www.citeecar.com 

2)   Show your drivers license and your new CiteeCard to our betahaus | team at the reception desk anytime Mo - Fr 8am - 8pm for a quick check and ask for the special deal.

3)    Your personal CiteeCard with special deal will be activated immediately…

…and you’re ready to drive!

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