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Christoph Fahle
March 15, 2013

Space 2.0 Open!

As you have noticed from the signs, betahaus opened the first coworking RECEPTION ever! It is located on the new 1st floor - right above the café. From now on, there will always be somebody to give you a warm welcome smile when you'll come to work! :)

Along with the reception we're opening the sunny lounge - a chill out zone where you can come anytime to work or just enjoy a coffee. But watch out its for members only!!

We're looking forward to the first visitors who will test out the betaspace!


The other good news is that the back office has moved to the 1st floor, so you'll find all the nice people on the same spot! Come and say 'hallo'!

Everything good comes in three, so here is the third good news: The silent room is not dead! It has just metamorphosed to the 1st floor and from next week you can find it on the spot of the former hub:raum meeting room.

No moment of silence for the silent room needed!

Looking forward to welcome you in the new space on 1st floor.

! The best tips for coziness improvement will win a coffee from the lovely receptionist!

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