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Christoph Fahle
February 4, 2013

Solve the Challenge!

Once upon a time.. we opened a coworking space.. But you know this story pretty well... Now we decided to make it one step further. We want to find out how the workspace of the future will look like! How will it be once all your coworking wishes will collide with design expertise and work out THE PERFECT COWORKING SPACE?! That`s what we`ll find out within the Coworking Challenge Project!

Together with DREISECHSNULL, awesome Deskmag and Jovoto we are launching a worldwide design competition on creating the perfect Coworking Space of the future. The best projects will obviously win financial prices, so.. if your friend is an architect, let him know! ;) We will weekly show you the coolest projects submitted, the best coworking ideas and, of course will loudly announce THE winner in the beginning of February.

You can just see how it develops but you could also actively join in! We ask all the coworking spaces and coworkers on the planet Earth to let each other & architects know, WHAT`S YOUR KEY TO COWORKING CHALLENGE?

We @ betahaus know it`s cool to have a bar instead of the reception desk, cool to have a board where coworkers post announcements for each other. `Zona Deistvia`, a coworking space it St. Petersburg (RU) knows it`s cool to have home shoes at the entrance to let everyone feel truly at home. What is your little key which makes it all work so much better? Share & Let each other know!

Sent a photo/video and a little description of YOUR KEY to katka@betahaus.com. We will proceed your applications and share them on all the social networks of betahaus, jovoto and Deskmag, letting the coolness of your coworking space become worldwide known!



Our `reception desk` is actually a bar. So when entering the betahaus one finds himself in a nice densely populated café. People get-together here, discuss projects, meet clients, have lunch or sip cappuccino. It gives a nice feeling of a truly open space, easy to enter and become a part of. 

Looking forward to your keys!

Your, betahaus team

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