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Christoph Fahle
December 17, 2012


Solarbrush not only won the last betapitch but also is part of the hub:raum Accelerator Program.

Alessandro did an interview with Ridha, the founder of Solarbrush

What is Solarbrush all about?

Weathering can negatively affect solar power plants; in particular, panels installed in dry areas can lose efficiency due to sand deposits on them. Solarbrush is the first company to realize this need to clean solar power plants, and create the first wireless robot that is able to clean panels, even in high slopes (up to 45 degrees). This robot is important in arid regions like Africa and the Middle East, where there are massive solar generators that needs this kind of technology.

How did you come up with the idea?

I always been very interested in robots and technology. As a matter of facts I invented my first robot at the early age of 14 in a school competition. The idea of solarbrush came to me while I was monitoring the outcome of solar cells and what they are affected by. In fact, during my researches I realized that shadows created by deposits lower solar cells’ output the most.

Why did you apply to the hub:raum program?

My background is mechanical engineering and I always found the IT industry to be more progressive and appearing more modern to me. I want to gain knowledge from the start-up scene and, since I won the betapitch and I am a member in the hub:raum program, I had the possibility to meet many interesting and motivating people.

What is your experience with coworking? Do you believe it add value to your projects?

Co working is fun, its way more motivating towards getting things done than working by yourself.

Plus, I am making many friends and contacts. There are so many designers around that I can ask for assistance when it comes to the branding or presentation in general.

What are the problems you faced so far?

As many companies that work in the IT industry the biggest problems that I faced are funding, and hardware development.

What are your future goals?

The next steps for solarbrush are making first sales of the robot and reaching maturity phase, as well as getting certificated.

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