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Alinda Stok
May 23, 2014

Social Media the Pillars of Marketing Success

It goes without saying that social media platforms are the fundament of marketing nowadays. But how to keep up with the overgrowth of social media platforms? And, more importantly, how the hell to do it right?

To answer these questions, we asked Jonas Wegener to squise all you need to know into a workshop format. As an outcome here’s what we have: eight workshop sessions to explain how to remain standing in this massive social media landscape. As a co-founder of the social-media agency Ebudler, trust us, he knows what he’s talking about! Every workshop session has its own core subject and you can decide to just pick up the few you need most or get the whole picture.

 A take-away from these workshops: you will know how to monitor your online presence, the fundamentals of social campaigns, how to build a community on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube and how to create real good quality content. With other words, learn how to be successful!